Kaitlyn Bristowe looks back on relationship with Shawn Booth

Kaitlyn Bristowe takes a trip down memory lane with Nick Viall.

Kaitlyn Bristowe recently sat down with Nick Viall for an episode of his podcastThe Viall Files. As most of you know, Bristowe was the season 11 Bachelorette, and Viall was one of the men vying for her love. Viall was the runner-up at the end, but Bristowe left the show engaged to Shawn Booth.

Soon after, Viall was crowned The Bachelor for season 21, which didn’t sit well with Booth. Bachelor Nation was shook after learning that Bristowe and Booth had parted ways after three years, and now she’s opening up about what went down after her season of The Bachelorette.

As it turns out, Booth almost called things off with Kaitlyn Bristowe after learning that Viall was going to be the next Bachelor. Whatever made him feel that way? Especially since he walked away with the girl? Bristowe shares.

When you became The Bachelor, Shawn almost broke up with me and said that you won. I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ That hurt me so badly. And he said, ‘That guy won. That’s what he wanted. That’s why he came on the show and he won.’

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, it sounds like there might be some insecurity issues here–just saying.

As expected, Viall shared that he didn’t come onto the show with ulterior motives. He did want to find love, and that was his goal. Sure, many harbor ideas about their future as soon as they’re on a Bachelor Nation show, but Viall assures everyone that was not the case here.

When I came on your season, that was the only time I actually came for the girl. With Andi, I didn’t f–king know. I went on a show. With [Bachelor in] Paradise, it was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll go on a beach. I’m not going to end in a relationship.’ With The Bachelor, it was like, ‘You asked me to be The Bachelor. I definitely want this to work, but I’m going to say yes because you asked me.

It was sad to hear Bristowe share that she chose Booth but “it never felt like he chose me back”.

As a result of this, Bristowe and Viall didn’t speak for quite a while. She felt like she wanted to give her all to Booth, who didn’t like the idea of Viall. Plus, Bristowe harbored shame around Viall because of how it hurt Booth.

I think I was made to feel shame but deep down I knew I wasn’t ashamed. But that’s why I acted the way I did, or that’s why we didn’t talk or that’s why I made little jabs here and there because I know he had been so hurt by it and I hated that.

The things we do for love, right?

It’s a shame that Bachelor Nation shows often bring out the worse in people. There’s just too much at stake there and the competition is fierce. Sometimes the focus shifts from finding love to focusing on personal flaws and faults. It’s not a perfect system, but clearly, when it works, it works great!

Check out Kaitlyn Bristowe’s entire conversation with Nick Viall by clicking here.

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