Hannah Brown on her emotional breakdown during DTWS rehearsals

Hannah Brown is making us proud on Dancing with the Stars–but it hasn’t been easy.

Hannah Brown has made it all the way to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, and we are so incredibly proud of her! Seriously, who would have thought the timid, awkward girl we met during Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor would be shining the way she is today. However, the DWTS journey has not been easy, as was demonstrated during the recent rehearsals.

During last night’s episode, a short behind-the-scenes clip was shown of Brown during rehearsals. She was practicing alongside her partner Alan Bersten but broke down after Judge Carrie Ann Inaba made some critiques.

Understandably, the pressure is high and with another person in the room, I can only imagine what that must feel like. And this is precisely what Hannah Brown said during an interview after last night’s show.

I’m with Alan every day. He knows what things will upset me what things won’t. I was already at that point. It was just a human moment and somebody else was there and I couldn’t explain it.

These are the semi-finals we’re talking about–of course, she would feel stressed!

Inaba sat in on rehearsals while Brown did her rumba do-over and had some comments to make about her hip movements. It was obvious that Brown was starting to get frustrated, and Inaba attempted to make her feel better. But…that didn’t work out so well.

Brown proceeded to tell Inaba, “I don’t want to be touched”, and was overwhelmed with the critique she’s received thus far on the show.

But hey, when all was said and done, Hannah Brown dominated her performance last night with a 27/30! And she apologized to Inaba for her behavior during rehearsals.

I just want to say I am so sorry if it seemed like I was dismissive of you trying to help me. I had a really hard day that day and it was really emotional trying to learn my contemporary, and I didn’t handle my emotions very well and I know you’re trying to help me.

According to Brown, she had opened up to Bersten about her personal life, which took an emotional toll on her. By the time Inaba came around to help out, Brown was already at a tipping point. Hence, the breakdown and all.

Whatever the case may be, Hannah Brown is headed to the Dancing with the Stars finale next week! You got this Hannah Beast, we believe in you!

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Will you be watching Miss Hannah Brown on the Dancing with the Stars finale next week?

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