Hannah Brown slays the Cha-Cha on Dancing with the Stars

Hannah Brown had a successful debut on the Dancing with the Stars season 28 premiere!

Hannah Brown is officially a badass dancer. Did anyone see that coming? She kicked off the night alongside her dancing partner, Alan Bersten. And the performance was absolutely amazing. They danced the Cha Cha to the backdrop of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”.

I don’t think anyone expected to see such an exciting performance from Brown right off the bat, but she managed to wow everyone. Being the first act of premiere night, the judges brought their most critical opinions forward, and somehow, Brown still managed to get some great feedback.

Most of them agreed Hannah Brown did pretty amazing, and one even made a joke about her finally finding her true love. Maybe it’s a bit too soon to joke about that, but we’ll look over it. The only constructive criticism Brown got was to be careful during fast spins so as to not lose balance and fall.

You really go for it. A couple of things: You have to be careful not to lose balance on your fast spins… and don’t ever rush the music. Let the music run through you.

Not bad, Hannah Brown, not bad at all.

Our former Bachelorette walked away with a score of 20/30, which I find to be pretty darn impressive for the first act of the night. There’s so much pressure to perform your best, and given everything she’s dealt with recently, it would be so easy to mess a performance like this up.

But nothing got in Brown’s way and she absolutely slayed it on the dance floor. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was Hannah Brown that won at the end of this season of Dancing with the Stars? Based on tonight’s performance, I think there’s definitely potential.

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