The Bachelor: Peter Weber has an accident on set

ABC/John Fleenor
ABC/John Fleenor /

Bachelor Peter Weber splits face open after a freak accident on set!

Bachelor is not exactly off to a great start for Peter Weber who has been recovering from an accident on set. I know, I was just as panicked when I first learned the news. What exactly happened? Let me break it down for you.

On Monday, Pilot Pete was out playing golf and ended up falling while trying to get on a cart. He hit his head on the cocktail glasses he was carrying which caused him to suffer injuries on his face. No pictures have been released (thankfully), but based on the description, it sounds pretty nasty.

After traveling two hours to a hospital, our newest Bachelor underwent surgery and ended up with 22 stitches in his face. 22?! Oh my, that sounds absolutely horrible. This all went down in Costa Rica, just a day before all the women were meant to arrive there.

Radar Online reported that sources told them, “He is pulling through”. Phew, I’m happy to hear that! And while we haven’t really heard anything on the super official side of things, rumor has it Pilot Pete is back on set resuming his journey to find true love. Even 22 stitches can’t get in the way of that!

It’s worth mentioning that host Chris Harrison did speak to The Hollywood Reporter and let everyone know that our pilot is back on his feet. Phew, that’s good to hear. Comments are yet to be made from ABC, but hearing from Harrison himself gives us some comfort. I mean he’s basically the heart and soul of the franchise at this point.

Kudos to Pilot Pete for getting right back to work, er can we call it work? After suffering such an injury, I’d imagine it’d be difficult to continue doing what he was, but with love as the end goal, nothing is going to stop this man from reaching it.

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