Bachelor in Paradise: Everything we know about Demi Burnett’s girlfriend Kristian Haggerty

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Bachelor In Paradise
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Bachelor in Paradise introduced us to Demi Burnett’s girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty this week–but, who is she?

Bachelor in Paradise has given us so much to talk about this season. Just this week, Demi Burnett broke things off with Derek Peth and decided to be with a woman named Kristian Haggerty–someone she had been dating before coming onto the show.

Their relationship marks the first same-sex relationship in Bachelor Nation history and has been the topic of discussion. Most have given their support and admiration for Burnett’s decision and praised the way she handled it all, minus the breaking Derek’s heart part.

And while we’ve gotten to know Burnett over the course of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, we don’t know anything at all about her better half. But worry, we have some information who Kristian Haggerty is. And thanks to Entertainment Tonight, we also know how these two women crossed paths in the first place.

It turns out, Haggerty and Burnett have a friend in common and it’s someone from Bachelor Nation. You all remember Catherine Agro from Colton’s season of The Bachelor, don’t you? The woman from the beginning of the season who interrupted everyone’s conversation? Yup, her.

It looks like they’ve been friends for nearly two decades, and it’s Agro who is responsible for introducing Burnett and Haggerty. It’s crazy how love works sometimes, isn’t it? At least, they didn’t meet at Stagecoach!

Of course, they did. Oh, Blake Horstmann. Who didn’t you meet at Stagecoach?