Bachelor in Paradise: Everything we know about Demi Burnett’s girlfriend Kristian Haggerty

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Bachelor in Paradise
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Demi’s girlfriend might be as funny as her

Bachelor Nation loves Demi and her blunt, hilarious approach to life. She tells it how it is, and does not lack in self-confidence in the slightest. So it’s quite fitting that Haggerty just might be quite the comedian herself. According to ET, she went to a program in Orlando called SAK Comedy in May 2017 and later did improv in Chicago at Second City. Yes, the Second City.

Random trivia: Second City is where many famous comedians first got their start from and include Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, amongst many more. It’s safe to say Haggerty was in good company when it comes to learning comedy! I wonder if we can find any clips of her performing, I’d love to see that!

Bachelor in Paradise is not Haggerty’s first time in the spotlight

If you go to Kristian’s site, then you’ll learn that long before Bachelor in Paradise gave her screentime, she was a production assistant. In fact, she’s worked alongside Jennifer Lopez, Macklemore, and Calvin Harris (and many others).

Now, it makes sense why Haggerty was so composed and confident on national television. She didn’t seem nervous at all! I feel like people are so antsy when placed in front of a camera regardless of the situation, but she managed to pull it off seamlessly–even with the big reveal and all.

I don’t know about all of you, but so far, I’m impressed with Haggerty. She seems like cool people, and given that Demi is amongst the coolest we know from Bachelor Nation, I’d say she just might have found a winner.