The Bachelorette season 15 week 12: Twitter’s reaction to the finale’s first night


Last week, during the first half of The Bachelorette, we watched a frustrated Hannah try to get rid of Luke at the rose ceremony. Then we watched the Men Tell All during the second half. Hannah still has three men to choose from, and the suspense continues.

The Bachelorette season 15 is coming to an end and last night was the first day of a two-night event. We start off by returning to last week’s rose ceremony. Tyler, Peter, and Jed eagerly await Hannah’s decision after watching Luke leave. Unfortunately for Peter, he didn’t receive a rose and they shared a tearful goodbye.

Back in the live studio, Chris Harrison and Peter discussed the breakup. Peter had a difficult time watching the playback of himself leaving. He wasn’t mad at Hannah, but he was sad to leave her.

Hannah joined the stage with Peter and they had a heart to heart. The funniest moment was when Hannah admitted that they slept together four times in the windmill, not two times. And guess what? Peter said Jesus still loved both of them.

Tyler met Hannah’s parents first in Crete, Greece. He had meaningful conversations with both of her parents. Hannah shared she had been worried about falling in lust with Tyler and not love. But after the hometown date, he realized she was falling in love with him.

Then Jed had his time to meet Hannah’s family. He shared that he was a musician and songwriter. His parents mentioned the bar is very high after their time with Tyler. Hannah’s dad didn’t seem confident in Jed’s ability to provide for Hannah financially. Jed bragged about writing a dog food jingle. Hannah’s mom wasn’t impressed either.

Hannah’s first date was with Tyler. They decided to try and horseback ride again. They both survived, and Hannah said it was the best date. She was smitten over Tyler.

Hannah and Jed met for the second and final date of the season. They went on a beautiful boat ride, but Hannah became sick from the rocking waters. She voiced her concerns with the cameras. Jed told Hannah he couldn’t imagine his life without her.

Hannah has a big decision to make tonight. Don’t miss the second night of Hannah’s season finale of The Bachelorette!

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