The Bachelorette season 15, week 7: Twitter wants Luke P. to leave

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Week 7 of The Bachelorette is in Latvia! Hannah bungee jumped naked with Garrett, had a steamy sauna date with Pilot Peter, and had a peaceful group date exploring Liga, Latvia. However, Luke still managed to get in the final word this week. However, did he get a rose this week?

This week’s episode of The Bachelorette started with an adrenal filled date. Garrett received the first one-on-one. They both were shocked when they noticed the bungee jumpers were completely naked.

Hannah was scared, but Garrett was supportive. They made the naked jump together and laughed after it was over.

The group date card arrived next. They strolled around Latvia and tasted many interesting things, including moonshine, pickles, and fish. Tyler gave Hannah some flowers and Jed whispered some private words to Hannah.

Everyone got along on the group date. The guys had a great time together and with Hannah.

Then Hannah opened up about the naked bungee jump, and Luke was not happy. He thought Hannah should only expose her body to her husband.

Then the next one-on-one arrived with Peter who had a Latvian spa day with Hannah.

They had a lot of steamy kisses in a sauna.

Alum Diggy is a fan of Pilot Peter like many of us.

Peter started speaking Spanish, and Twitter lost it.

After hearing about Peter’s date, Jed became very jealous. He played guitar for Hannah outside her window.

The next day, Hannah asked to talk to Luke. She was upset by what Luke said about her naked bungee jumping.

The cocktail party was canceled and everyone got ready for the rose ceremony. Luke managed to get a rose. Dustin and Dylan went home while Chris asked what Hannah saw in Luke.

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Next week, the men and Hannah are heading to the Netherlands. But will this Luke drama ever end? We’ll have to wait and see what he stirs up next week!

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