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Welcome to Would They Win my Rose? A personal break down of Bachelor franchise contestants. Some people have sport players, I have reality TV show stars. Feel the same? Join me every week and decide who would you give your rose to? This week I’m looking at Leo Dottavio.

This week on ‘Would They Win my Rose?’ I’m looking at a contestant who everyone seemed crazy about on the show, but I actually pretty much hated. The one and only Leo Dottavio. You may remember him by his Thor like appearance with long flowing hair, big muscles, and horrible personality.

Leo on The Bachelorette

We first met Leo Dottavio on the Bachelorette with Becca. This last season was a lot of ups and downs for Becca, but in my opinion Leo was one major down. Sure, he has a nice appearance if but I will never forget the one moment I knew Becca and Leo weren’t meant to be. It was one of their dates and when they were kissing he said “you’re so hot.”

If a guy says that to me with hopes of being my husband then he is very very confused. That’s like what you say to a girl while you’re making out at a college frat party. Now, if that’s something that makes you swoon that’s totally okay! I’m here to judge no one. Personally though, no thank you. No hunky looks are worth the weird personality that came with Leo.

Leo on The Bachelor in Paradise

The next time we saw Leo (after he clearly didn’t win his last season) was on Paradise. Bachelor in Paradise is full of surprises as cast members are added randomly through the season adding more tension. You probably already know where I’m going with this but I’m going to explain anyway.

Here’s happy Kendall and Grocery Store Joe. How cute right? They are dorky and adorable and a match made in heaven. In walks Theo and STEALS KENDALL. From innocent little Joe! This isn’t all on Leo though because Kendall did leave Joe for a bit to see what Leo is all about. I think I would be less annoyed if Leo hadn’t already rubbed me the wrong way. We don’t even need to dive into Leo’s dramatic exit from the show where he bashed everyone and made pretty much everyone dislike him.

Would Leo win my rose?

Ha! No. I would’ve had him gone the first night probably.

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Would you give Leo a rose? Let me know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for next week’s addition of ‘Would They Win my Rose?’