Bachelor Winter Games couple alert: Dean Unglert and this contestant were ‘inseparable’ while filming spinoff


Dean was known as the Paradise f-boy, but it looks like he redeems himself on The Bachelor Winter Games.

Filming for The Bachelor Winter Games wrapped up before Christmas and fans can look forward to watching at least one love story unfolding on the spinoff that will air in February. Although Dean Unglert totally screwed up when he got himself in a love triangle with Kristina and DLo, rumor has it that he stuck with one woman during the Winter Games.

And if that’s not enough to give us hope for Dean, it appears he continued his relationship with a former Bachelor contestant off camera…

Who made a love connection with Dean?

In addition to Dean, the Bachelor Winter Games cast includes various contestants from previous seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. And the spinoff isn’t all about the U.S. contestants. Producers also threw in a handful of guys and girls from the franchise’s international shows — New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, UK, Finland, Canada, and Germany.

But Dean won’t have to travel out of the country to continue his new relationship, although he may end up traveling with her if they stay together.

Here’s what we know (so far) about Dean’s Winter Games romance… and no, we don’t think he is engaged.

If you follow Dean on Instagram, he recently appeared in one of his IG stories with Bachelor Season 17 alum, Lesley Murphy. Sounds harmless enough, right? After all, many contestants hang together on a regular basis.

However, blogger Reality Steve recently tweeted a little scoop about Dean and Lesley. He confirmed that they were “inseparable” during filming and said it’s “not surprising” to find out they were spotted together on an IG story.

Lesley is an amazing young woman who travels for a living (check out her travel blog here). She appeared on Sean Lowe’s season and, when she underwent a preventative double mastectomy in April, her Bachelor friends (and fans) were there to support her.

Dean recently started a podcast, Help! I Suck At Dating, on iHeart Radio. Perhaps some of the advice he received paid off?

We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out when the Bachelor Winter Games airs in February. For now, we hope Dean has learned his lesson about love triangles and sticks to one girl. Lesley’s a great catch, so we have our fingers crossed.

[Featured Image via ABC]