Arie was supposed to be the Bachelor instead of Chris Soules in 2015 — What happened?


Arie Luyendyk was supposed to hand out roses back in 2015, but he lost the Bachelor gig to Chris Soules at the last minute.

Arie will make his debut as the Bachelor on January 1, but apparently, he filmed an intro package and was told he was the lead three years ago. Shortly before filming for the season started, he was replaced by Chris Soules as the Season 19 lead.

We. Are. Confused. 

Why did ABC ditch Arie as the Bachelor three years ago? Why did they pick Chris instead? We have so many questions. Here’s what we know…

Arie appeared on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette in 2012, so that means if producers wanted him to be the Bachelor in 2015, they were really desperate. After all, it had been three years since Emily dumped him on national TV and he was no longer relevant at that point.

According to former Bachelor Sean Lowe, an intro package was filmed in Arizona, Arie’s home state. Sean, who is friends with Arie, recently told Entertainment Tonight  that producers “pulled the rug out from underneath” Arie shortly before the season was supposed to start filming and gave the gig to Chris Soules instead.

What happened?

We’re not sure what made them change their mind, but they did the same thing to Luke Pell right before Nick Viall was named as the Bachelor Season 21.

Is it possible the rumors about Arie being a ladies man had some bearing on the producers’ last-minute switch?

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There is plenty of gossip online about Arie, including some Reddit threads with stories about Arie’s love for the ladies, including some college students.

Of course, we can’t confirm that any of the gossip is true, but maybe producers didn’t think Arie was serious about meeting a future wife. Then again, there’s Nick Viall …

So, three years after he (supposedly) lost out on the Bachelor gig to Chris Soules, Arie finally scored the lead (after Peter Kraus turned down the offer).

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is either a really patient guy or he never gave up on his dream to

promote his brand

find a wife.

[Image: ABC]