Here’s why Bachelor Arie’s season will be one big drama-fest


Arie Luyendyk’s season of the Bachelor won’t air until January but the drama about the 36-year-old race car driver is already heating up.

There are plenty of fans who weren’t thrilled when ABC introduced Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the season 22 Bachelor. Although fans protested loudly when they found out Peter Kraus wouldn’t be handing out roses, there is no doubt Bachelor Nation will be turning in to watch Arie date a bunch of 25-year-old girls.

Filming for Arie’s season is underway and pics from his dates are starting to surface online. And while we won’t find out exactly what happens on the dates until Reality Steve releases his spoilers, there’s already plenty of drama going on off-camera, a clue that the upcoming season of the Bachelor could be the most dramatic season ever.

The gossip about Arie started minutes after he was introduced on Good Morning America earlier this month. In addition to a rather interesting Reddit thread, what his friends and ex-girlfriends have to say about Arie makes us wonder if he is  the Bachelor for the right reasons.

Arie’s ex-girlfriends stir up pre-show drama

Jenna Jones, who dating Arie in 2015, recently tweeted that Arie is a “hopeless romantic but forever cheats on and does despicable wrongs to women.” She later deleted her tweets but not before thousands of fans took note of what she had to say.

Arie had numerous pics of Jenna on Instagram (including the one below) but quickly deleted them when he started filming the Bachelor.

Jenna Jones Arie Bachelor
Arie and Jenna (@ArieJr Instagram] /

Sydney Stempfley, 26, was Arie’s most recent girlfriend. They apparently they dated for quite awhile and, this summer, Arie broke up with her out of the blue. One month after they split, Sydney found out Arie got the Bachelor gig.  Now she’s questioning his motives for breaking up with her.

Sydney isn’t holding back on Twitter now that Arie is dating 25 girls and we expect her tweets to get even more caustic when the Bachelor begins in January.

Arie Bachelor
Arie Bachelor /
bachelor tweet
bachelor tweet /

Arie’s reputation isn’t squeaky clean

Arie’s ex-girlfriends aren’t the only ones who don’t seem to be cheering the Bachelor on. There are Reddit threads with stories about Arie’s conquests, including college students. While we can’t confirm if they are true, two guys who were supposedly his friend hint that there’s some validity to the stories.

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe is said to be a good friend of Arie’s. We’re sure Sean was joking around when he sent out the tweet, but it’s it certainly raises some questions about Arie’s dating habits.

Arie Bachelor
Arie Bachelor /

And then there’s Jef Holm. He doesn’t have the best reputation in Bachelor Nation, but his comments about Arie raise some red flags about the new Bachelor. Jef and Arie were good friends after they appeared on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette.

Jef now claims he’s no longer friends with Arie and has some stories to tell about the race car driver. We’re waiting to hear them, Jef. Do tell.

ARie Jef
ARie Jef /
Bachelor Arie
Bachelor Arie /

It’s going to be an interesting season of the Bachelor. Keep your eye on Twitter when the season begins in January.

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