‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star DeMario Jackson gets fired from his job, goes into hiding

Demario Jackson Bachelor in Paradise
Demario Jackson Bachelor in Paradise /

DeMario Jackson went looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise and ended up getting fired from his job when he returned home from Mexico.

If you’re think joining the cats of a reality TV show sounds fun, you may want to ask DeMario Jackson for some advice. First, he was kicked off the Bachelorette for (supposedly) having a girlfriend. Weeks later, he flew to Mexico to film the fourth season of ABC’s summer spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise.

Now he’s in the midst of a highly publicized sexual misconduct investigation that halted production of the reality show. The media frenzy over the Paradise scandal is starting to take its toll on Jackson’s off-camera life. The 30-year-old Los Angeles resident claims that he was fired from his job as executive recruiter shortly after he returned from Mexico.

By now, most fans know that production was shut down after DeMario and Corinne (Olympios) reportedly had a drunken sexual encounter that was caught on camera. Corinne, who hails from Nick Viall’s season of the Bachelor, isn’t new to creating controversy. 

She made headlines throughout the season when she took her top off, sprayed whipped cream on her breasts, and got a little hot-and-heavy with Nick in the bouncy house.

Let’s get back to the Paradise situation…

As of now, criminal charges have no been filed. Both DeMario and Corinne have lawyered-up.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a producer reported misconduct after DeMario and Corinne’s sexual antics were caught on tape. That production company (Warner Bros) sent the entire cast home and launched an investigation.

In the meantime, Corinne claims she’s a victim. There’s no doubt she’ll be suing whoever she can. And DeMario is trying to lay low after getting canned from his job.

Earlier in the week, Jackson told Inside Edition that he has been hiding out in a relative’s home since was fired from his job. He claims that his “character has been assassinated.”

However, DeMario feels that the “truth will come out” once investigators take a look at the tapes of his romp with Olympios in the Paradise pool.

So far, all signs point to this: RIP, Bachelor in Paradise. Thanks, in part, to lots of booze and ratings-hungry producers who thought filming DeMario and Olympios getting down and dirty was a good idea.

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