Carly and Evan’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ wedding is on, Bachelor Nation rejoices

carly and evan wedding bachelor in paradise
carly and evan wedding bachelor in paradise /

The Bachelor in Paradise situation is a hot mess but there’s good news — Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are still getting married!

Amidst all of the rumors that are circulating online about the Bachelor in Paradise fiasco, there is some good news for fans. Carly and Evan are still getting married.

Almost one year after they got engaged on Paradise Season 2, the couple was scheduled to tape their wedding in Mexico on June 17. When production for Paradise came to a halt —thanks to the DeMario/Corinne sexual misconduct situation — fans started freaking out. After all, no one wants the Waddell-Bass wedding to get canceled. Here’s the latest info about their big day.

ABC has yet to confirm whether or not Bachelor in Paradise will not air in August. We’re thinking “no way.” There is plenty of chatter on some contestants’ social media accounts that all but confirms the Bachelor spinoff has been canceled. At least for the upcoming season.

The contestants who were in Mexico for the first week of filming are now home. That’s a major hint that we won’t have Paradise to look forward to after Rachel’s season ends on August 7. Let’s just assume it’s canceled.

The wedding is ON!

If you follow Evan and Carly on social media, they were on a big, comfy bus with Evan’s kids on Monday. They are traveling somewhere. Destination unknown at this point.

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But the word is out — the wedding is happening! It’s fairly obvious that it’s not being filmed in Mexico. Unless their bus transforms into a plane.

On Monday, Reality Steve tweeted that the wedding is still set for June 17.

“I’m hearing Evan & Carly’s wedding is still set for June 17th,” Steve tweeted. “How it will be presented on TV since there’s no BIP will be interesting.”

The big question is, will ABC air wedding special that’s just about Carly and Evan? Or will they show clips from their big day on the season finale of The Bachelorette?

Stay tuned — more details coming soon!

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