‘Bachelor In Paradise’ star Joe Bailey saves neglected horses from slaughter


Joe Bailey was pegged the villain on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 but his big heart proves he’s anything but the guy who said, ‘Gimme Dat Rose.’

It’s been almost two years since Joe Bailey appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. Joe got himself tangled up in a Samantha Steffan, Juelia Kinney, Nick Peterson love quadrangle. It got ugly. We’re over it. It’s just a TV show, remember?

In real life, Joe is a total sweetheart when it comes to helping animals. He doesn’t spend his days pimping out skinny tea on Instagram. Instead, he is trying to get some help for three neglected horses he rescued. Horses that are so danged cute (pic below) that the thought of them going to slaughter has us all, “Gimme dat checkbook.” As in, Joe needs some help to get the horses healthy enough to become someone’s pet.

On Saturday, Joe asked his fans for some help. After all, taking care of a healthy horse is really expensive. Never mind three beautiful horses who are in need of serious medical care. The Kentucky race horse owner has set up a Go Fund Me to help defray the cost of the vet expenses.

“Sometimes my heart is bigger than my pocket book. Rescued 3 horses that have been neglected and would have been sent slaughter at anytime,” Joe writes. “These horses will need expensive veterinary treatment along with a steady nutrition plan. these horses would make a Great pony for young child and will be sent to a better home!”

Here’s to hoping that the three horses get the help they need. Considering they were close to losing their lives, all animal lovers will agree that Joe is a hero for helping them out.

If you’re still hung up on the fact that Joe forgot Juelia’s name on Bachelor in Paradise, let it go. Producers, ’round the clock filming, and an open bar can lead to some incredibly embarrassing moments on TV.

Read more about Joe Bailey’s Go Fund Me fundraising efforts here.

[Featured Image by ABC Television Network]