‘Dancing With The Stars’ Week 7: Will Nick Viall Dance His Last Dance On Movie Night?

Nick and Vanessa DWTS 2017
Nick and Vanessa DWTS 2017 /

Nick Viall could be in jeopardy on Dancing with the Stars this week and votes from Bachelor fans may not be enough save him from elimination.

Nick Viall faces elimination on Disney Night and he’s counting on votes from Bachelor fans to help him stick around for another week.

Spoiler Alert: DWTS week 7 results: Did Nick Viall go home Monday night?

The Bachelor star Nick Viall wasn’t expected to make it this far on Dancing with the Stars. He’s hovered around the bottom of the leaderboard all season making it obvious that votes from fans have helped him stick around the ABC ballroom. However, his luck may finally run out on Monday night.

There are only seven couples left as we head into Week 7. According to ABC, two couples will be eliminated after the Movie Night performances. That leaves Nick in a tough spot. Did he get enough votes last week to allow him to stick around? That’s probably the only thing that could save him. After all, he was at the bottom of the leaderboard last week.

Nick Viall isn’t the only one who may be on the chopping block on Movie Night. David Ross and Bonner Bolton were in the bottom three with Nick last week. Expect host Tom Bergeron to tell all three celebrities that they are in jeopardy this week. Of course, there could be a shakeup like last week when Heather Morris was eliminated. But who would go home instead?

Simone, Rashad, Normani, and Nancy have all managed to stay around the top of the leaderboard this season. They also have a great fan base who vote for them online and by phone each week.

What’s next for Nick if he gets eliminated this week?

Nick and his fiancee, Vanessa, didn’t say “no” when asked if they would consider starring in their own reality show. Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell had a one-season spinoff on Freeform last year and it was a real sleeper.

If Nick and Vanessa are considering doing the same, let’s hope Nick figures out how to be entertaining. His Snapchat videos are about as exciting as folding laundry.

If another reality TV show isn’t in the cards, Nick has a new business in the works that will keep him busy. In fact, he says that his men’s grooming business, The Polished Gent, is hit top priority. Even more important than planning a wedding. Go figure.

Find out if Nick Viall gets eliminated on Dancing with the Stars this week. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, May 1 for the Movie Night episode.

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