‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Lace Morris Raves About New Man, Bashes Grant Kemp


Lace Morris is totally over Grant Kemp but is her new boyfriend the real deal or will she return to Bachelor in Paradise this summer?

Filming for Bachelor in Paradise Season gets underway in June and the Season 4 cast rumors are already surfacing online. One of last season’s most talked about contestants, Lace Morris, is one of several Bachelor alum expected to return to the show this summer but it looks like she may have found love without the cameras rolling.

The only reminder of Lace’s failed relationship with Grant Kemp is the “Grace” tattoo on her arm. The ex-couple got matching tattoos prior to getting engaged on Bachelor in Paradise last summer. By early November, Lace and Grant announced that they had split but told ET! that they were both open to returning to reality TV.

Who is Lace Morris’ new man?

Five months after they broke off their engagement, Lace revealed that there’s a new man in her life. She’s been posting photos of her new love, Russell, on Instagram over the past few weeks. According to E! News they met on the Bumble dating app and their new relationship is going well.

The only issue the couple has right now is her Grace tattoo. Who can blame Russell for not wanting to be reminded of her Paradise engagement? Lace says she plans to get it edited soon, so stay tuned for her new and improved tat.

How does Lace feel about Grant now?

Now that she’s in a new relationship, Lace isn’t holding back about her feelings for her ex. When they broke up, she told ET that she was hopeful that she would get back together with Grant but that’s changed.

Lace now tells E! that she doesn’t find Grant “attractive at all.” Burn!! We’re positive her new man, Russell, appreciates that.

"“I never fully trusted Grant and I never was fully secure with him and it led to a lot of problems … It just wasn’t good, it wasn’t good. I think about it now and there were issues from the get-go anyway.”"

Bachelor in Paradise no longer an option for Lace?

Never say never. We wish Lace and Russell the best of luck in their new relationship but if it doesn’t work out, there’s always Paradise.

Although there’s a whole new crew from the Bachelor franchise rumored to be joining the cast, bringing Lace back on the show wouldn’t be a mistake — especially if Chad Johnson shows up. Can you say “hot mess”?

[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]