James Taylor Talks Fame, Sex, Drugs, And Finding Love On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017


James Taylor admits his appearance on The Bachelorette led to meaningless sex, drugs, and a lifestyle he now regrets.

During JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, contestant James Taylor was the underdog many fans were rooting for. He wrote JoJo a sweet country song and just seemed oh-so-genuine about finding his soulmate — what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, fame took away his sweet side but James is now coming clean about his post-Bachelorette lifestyle, one that he says includes “shameful, disgusting, f**k boy activities.” But don’t think for a moment that it’s the end of his reality TV career. Despite some deep regrets about his actions, James didn’t hesitate to say, “yes” when asked if he’s joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast this summer.

The fame bug bit James hard

Although James didn’t win JoJo’s final rose, the singer-songwriter from Katy, Texas went on to find instant fame after the show. The kind of fame that tarnished his good boy image that he is now trying to repair.

Earlier this week, James texted a long-winded apology to a number of women from the Bachelor franchise. He then revealed more about his actions during an hour-long tell-all on Reality Steve‘s podcast (listen below).

In the podcast, James admits that he initially thought it was great that so many girls were interested in him. Now he says he’s disappointed that he got caught up in the fame thing, something that led to drinking, doing cocaine, and one-night stands with fans.

“I never got that many girls,” James admits in the text he sent out to an undisclosed list of girls from the Bachelor franchise. “The show happens and suddenly every girl wants me. Next thing you know the girl there with the most persistence is back at my hotel room at 4 am after we’ve all been drinking for 6 hours. I never dreamed they’d actually want to brag about how they had sex with James Taylor… but they do.”

James won’t turn down Bachelor in Paradise gig

James may regret his actions but that’s not going to stop him from going back on TV. Although ABC won’t release the Bachelor in Paradise cast list until after Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s season gets underway, fans can count on James Taylor being part of the Season 4 cast.

Not only did James say “yes” to joining the cast when Reality Steve asked during the podcast, the caption of his Instagram pic (above) says it all. The photo shows him with Jordan Rogers, who is still engaged to JoJo Fletcher.

“One year ago today I met this man and a few other life-long friends. Love him and how he loves his fiancé Can’t wait to possibly find mine in Paradise this summer FINALLY.”

[Featured Image by ABC Television Network]