‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Carly And Evan Talk Babies And TV Wedding


Carly Waddell and Evan Bass met while filming Bachelor in Paradise last summer and now they’re gearing up for a wedding and babies.

Although Carly and Evan didn’t make an instant connection when they met on Bachelor in Paradise, they both admit that they are now more in love than ever. Now the couple is dishing about having a baby (very soon) and tying the knot on television.

While it’s more common to hear about couples from the show calling it quits after cameras stop rolling, these two lovebirds seem to have figured out the secret to making a relationship work in the real world. And seriously, it’s hard not to smile when you stalk their Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Carly and Evan — relationship goals

What’s the secret to making their relationship work? And when will fans get to see Carly and Evan tie the knot on TV? Oh, and what about those babies?

Although ABC has yet to confirm this, you may want to clear your calendars for a summer wedding in Paradise. And unlike Marcus and Lacey’s nuptials, it sounds like it’s going to be the real deal.

Carly and Evan tell E! News that since they got engaged last summer, their relationship has been “positive and fun.” And there’s a big emphasis on fun. They definitely don’t take themselves too seriously. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious about their relationship. And communication is key — as in talk, talk, talk.

“We’re just living a normal life, you know?” Evan tells E! “We talk step-by-step, and we work through. I think that our communication and our ability to have conversations. That’s been the key to working on our relationship and working towards marriage.”

Paradise wedding bells

And marriage is very much on their minds. Although they weren’t quite ready to spill the details, they did say that they will confirm a wedding date in the next few weeks.

Does that mean they are in talks with producers to get married on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise?

Considering they are one of the franchise’s most popular (and successful) couples, let’s go out on a limb and say “yes.” It would be a smart move for ABC to featured Carly and Evan’s wedding on Bachelor in Paradise season 4. And that’s something Carly and Evan aren’t opposed to.

During the interview, they both smiled when asked about getting hitched on TV.

Carly said, “Everything’s a possibility!” Evan immediately chimed in, “We’ll let you know in a week or two!”

Chill the champagne because it sure sounds like a Paradise wedding is in the works, but what’s this talk about babies?

Carly and Evan are excited about everything. Their love story, their upcoming wedding, and having babies. Evan has three sons from a previous marriage and they are ready to add a baby to the mix. The couple says they are “more in love than ever” and are ready to start expanding their family “very soon.”

[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]