What we know about Daisy Kent's new boyfriend

Daisy Kent, fan favorite from Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor, has announced a new love interest! The lucky lad is Thor Herbst, a professional off-road racer and gas station heir!
Daisy Kent at the launch of "Going Home With Tyler Cameron"
Daisy Kent at the launch of "Going Home With Tyler Cameron" / Victoria Sirakova/GettyImages

How did Daisy Kent, a fan favorite from The Bachelor, meet her new boyfriend? We've got all the details for you below!

How did Daisy Kent meet her new boyfriend?

The Bachelor's Daisey Kent and Thor Herbst reportedly met in college at San Diego State University, a long way from her home state of Minnesota! Daisy was in a sorority at San Diego State and majored in communications and digital media, but still had time to meet boys!

Sadly, Thor was not the fellow student in her amazing music video-- that would be too much to hope for! The pair recently reconnected and struck up a flame after Thor reached out to her.

Who is Thor Herbst?

Thor comes from a famous desert racing family (how cool is that!) in Southern Nevada. Nothing like a family business! Thor has done well in his off-road racing in recent years and seems to be pretty serious about it. Judging by his Instagram, he does a great deal of traveling, much like Daisy herself! His follower count is in the 4,000 range, compared to Daisy's 900k+, so he seems relatively "normal!" He's also sponsored by Monster, which is legit!


Thor's family owns a gas station company in Paradise, Nevada, called Terrible Herbst (what a name!). They have stations in Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona! What a busy family. People will always need gas, especially racing families! Maybe Daisy can help out at the gas station!

What's next?

Judging by Daisy's comments on The Viall Files and Almost Famous podcasts, she is taking things slowly, which seems in line with her personality! She was a little bit slow to open up on Joey's season of The Bachelor, coming across as a bit reserved at times.

Daisy said she has gone on "multiple dates with the same person," in response to Ashley I.'s skillful questioning! Daisy and Thor have not appeared on each other's social media yet, but they are all in good time! Many were heartbroken when Daisy turned down the Bachelorette role, explaining that the role would be difficult considering her physical and mental health. But thankfully, we still get to follow along on wherever her journey takes her, through the deserts of Nevada and beyond!

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