The Bachelor's Maria might be a match for Joey! Everything to know about the contestant

Is Maria going to make it to the altar with Joey?
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Maria. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth)
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Maria. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth) /

The Bachelor Season 28 is gearing up to be quite a treat, and we are just days away! As we prep for what's to come, we're going to start meeting some of the women that will be competing for Joey's heart.

Amongst the 32 women that are going to be a part of the season is Miss Maria Georgas! We have all the fun details about who she is, where she comes from, and some fun tidbits about her. Check out what we've got below!

Oh, and there may be some *spoilers* ahead so if you are looking to avoid those, make sure to stop reading the article once you get to that point!

How old is Maria Georgas?

Maria was born on August 27th, 1994 and is currently 29 years old. She is just about a year older than Joey so they match right up when it comes to age!

If you head to Maria's Instagram by clicking here, you'll see that she loves to wine and dine with family and friends. She seems to have a vibrant life full of travel and all sorts of shenanigans so it'll be fun to see how she matches up with Joey.

Oh, and she loves doing photo shoots with disposable cameras. How cute is that?!

What is Maria Georgas' profession?

Maria currently works as an executive assistant and is from Kleinburg, Ontario.

Fun facts about Maria Georgas

Some fun facts about Maria? Well, according to her ABC bio she dreams of eating sushi in Japan. Perhaps, she and Joey can jet off to Japan for their honeymoon and do just that!

Apparently, Maria also loves watching horror movies! We wonder if Joey is into them too because that would make for a fun date night. Oh, and speaking of date nights, Maria has a black belt in Taekwondo, so maybe she can teach Joey a move or two.

One of the best facts we came to learn about Maria is that she's actually been in a Hollywood movie. In fact, she has an IMDb page that will reveal that she was in 2005's The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel. Say what?! That's pretty stinking cool, if we do say so ourselves.

And now, it's time for spoilers!

If you do not want to know any spoilers be sure to stop reading at this point. There are some *major* spoilers ahead so don't ruin it for yourself!

Okay, you've been warned. Here we go!

Thanks to Bachelor Nation guru Reality Steve, we know some major tea regarding Maria's time on the season. According to him, she gets caught up in some drama during a group date. As he tells it, she was on a talent show group date and gets into it with contestant Madina Alam.

"It had to do with initially Madina being self-conscious about her age, she was one of the older ones on the show," Reality Steve reported. "Maria made a comment about it that Sydney heard, so she told Madina and Maria had issue with Sydney."

Well that doesn't sound great now, does it?

How far does Maria make it on The Bachelor Season 28?

Maria makes it all the way to Hometowns, but sadly is sent home following the coveted dates. What leads this to happen is unknown but that just means we will have to wait until the season begins!

Remember to tune in for The Bachelor Season 28 premiere on Monday, January 22nd on ABC at 8 PM EST!

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