The Bachelor's Allison age, job, and other fun facts

Bachelor Nation, meet Ms. Allison Hollinger!
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Allison. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth)
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Allison. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth) /

The Bachelor Season 28 has 32 contestants competing for Joey Graziadei's heart, including Allison Hollinger. She's all set to experience her rom-com level story, and the hope is that she gets to have it all with Joey.

We have all kinds of info to discuss about Allison, so without further ado, let's chat all about who she is, where she's from, and a couple of fun facts that will have you rooting for her from day one.

When was Allison Hollinger born?

Allison was born on March 20, 1997, and is about two months shy of turning 27 years old. If she makes it through most of the season, there may be a birthday to celebrate!

Does Allison have an Instagram?

She sure does! If you'd like to get a glimpse into Allison's life, head to her Instagram by clicking here! By taking a quick glimpse through it, you'll see that Allison loves to travel the world and is super into fashion. She's got a fabulous style and I'm pretty sure she is going to catch Joey's eye from the start.

Fun facts about Allison including what she does for a job

According to her ABC bio, Allison is a realtor. This is going to be an amazing perk for Joey if they end up together. Need to find a new house? No problem, Allison has got it, Joey!

There are a lot of fun things about Allison that we have gleaned from her ABC profile including, that she has won many costume contests in the past, she loves to get ready and dolled up for fancy dinners, and loves a fruity gin spritz!

But that's not all!

Allison will be on The Bachelor Season 28 alongside her younger sister, Lauren Hollinger. Yes, that's right. The two sisters are on the season together, and are going to be competing to win over Joey. That might make for some interesting sibling rivalry! But don't worry, they've both dated the same guy in the past, albeit not at the same time, but there is some experience in this realm.

We can't wait to meet Allison on this season of The Bachelor and wish her the best of luck!

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