The Bachelor drama continues as Sydney remains silent while her friend insults Edwina and Maria

The Bachelor season 28 is nearing its end, but that doesn't mean the drama between the contestants is ending anytime soon.
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Sydney. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth)
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Sydney. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth) /

Sydney Gordon isn't doing a great job keeping the fire off of her, as the former Bachelor contestant has found herself in hot water yet again. However, this time, it seems that social media is now involved and fans have caught wind of the bullying behavior going on behind the scenes.

Although Sydney didn't have words to say herself, fans still believe she is just as guilty as she was caught being a bystander while her mutual friend hurled insults in fellow former contestants Maria Georgas and Edwina Dorbor's direction. What's more, the insults stated were in such poor taste that Edwina was left with no other choice but to get involved and stop the drama right then and there.

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Why fans are upset at Sydney Gordon's recent behavior

The drama involving Sydney began on The Bachelor season 28. Sydney believed her fellow contestant Maria was a bully for talking about how she empathized with Madina Alam for being one of the older contestants of the season. Unfortunately, Sydney misunderstood Maria's intentions and believed she was being rude, leading to more drama.

Sydney and Maria had a heated exchange of words, which eventually got Joey involved. Once Joey got wind of the whole truth, Sydney was sent home for becoming the bully she was accusing others of being.

Having this in mind, it's clear that Sydney was left embittered by the situation. And, in the eyes of some Bachelor Nation fans, Sydney still hasn't really taken accountability for her actions that others would deem very passive-aggressive to Maria.

This brings us to Sydney's most recent stint of passive-aggressiveness towards her fellow Bachelor peers.

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As caught by Redditors, during season 28's Women Tell All special, Sydney was posting on Instagram not really being a girls' girl. This began when Sydney reposted her friend's harmless post about Joey being very handsome, but then suddenly, she became a bystander to nasty comments towards the women.

When Maria was seen on the screen, Sydney's friend took a picture of the contestant and paired it with a picture of Megamind. The friend then captioned the picture by saying, "Same person different fonts...The ego is so much that no one else can speak." When Edwina was present on screen, the same friend wrote "a man," insinuating that Edwina has manly features.

Fans found that Edwina later responded to these mean comments on her Instagram Story.

"Next time @ me," Edwina replied. "I'm not one of those girls that give af about what y'all have to say on the internet but today CLOCK IT! Look yourself in the mirror and comeback with a stronger hate. Since you want clout here you go muah no bars 💋."

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According to Reddit, Sydney's friend has since made her account private after Bachelor Nation caught wind of the poor behavior. As for Sydney, even though she hasn't denounced the mean comments yet, she has since allegedly unfollowed her friend for her remarks.

Despite things seemingly taking a turn for the better, the majority of Bachelor Nation believes that this should've never happened in the first place and questions Sydney's allegiance to her now-former friend.

"Sydney literally can’t help but radiate negativity and vile energy, even when it’s coming from her friends," one comment read.

Another Redditor held the same sentiment, stating, "Sydney hasn't changed and she will continue to preach I have been bullied crap while her friends and her make fun of other women [...] Unfollowing her friend is bs because she is still friends with her in real life."

Aside from Edwina, neither Sydney nor Maria has yet to directly address the situation. However, Sydney did take to her Instagram to express her disappointment towards the fandom for not taking too kindly to her behavior.

"Unfortunately, the world didn't get a chance to see who I truly am this season," Sydney wrote on her Instagram. "But I learned so much from this experience."

Check out the post below (via @syd_gord):

So far, the day after all this drama was been pretty hush, leading us to believe that this is, hopefully, where the ball stops rolling. But then again, you never know with Bachelor cast members!

We'll be sure to let you know if anything happens in the future! Until then, check out the season finale of The Bachelor season 28 on Monday, March 25, on ABC.

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