The Bachelor 2024 Week 1 recap: Every major Season 28 Week 1 Reality Steve spoiler

Get the scoop on what to expect from the season premiere of The Bachelor as Joey Graziadei kicks off his run as The Bachelor!
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The moment has finally arrived! After failing to find love on The Bachelorette, Joey Graziadei is searching for his second shot at love as the lead of The Bachelor season 28!

Tonight, Joey's journey to find love begins as he arrives at the Bachelor Mansion and meets the 32 amazing women vying for his love this season. Week 1 is always a highlight of the season as you never know what to expect from the introductions and night 1 is always filled with drama as the contestants compete for time in hopes of getting a rose.

Joey's season opener will be no different with lots to keep fans talking including a shocking twist and the emergence of the season's first villain! Can't wait to know what goes down in Week 1 of Joey's season? Below, we break down all of the Week 1 spoilers Reality Steve has shared leading up to the premiere!

Warning: The Bachelor spoilers ahead

The Bachelor season 28 premiere introduces a major twist

As fans will recall, during the After the Final Rose special from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette, Joey met Lea Cayanan and she was given an envelope that she was told she could not open until the night of the limo entrances. Well, when she finally opens the card, the twist is that inside contains a letter which gives her the opportunity to steal someone's 1-on-1 at any point during the season!

This is a groundbreaking power for the franchise as we know 1-on-1 dates are crucial and can be make or break as they provide the opportunity for the contestants and leads to forming genuine connections.

Instead of letting the power stay in play, Lea decides to throw the letter in the fire and says she wants to be chosen for the 1-on-1 and doesn't want to steal someone else's opportunity which Joey respects. This leads her to receive the first impression rose and guarantees her safety at the first rose ceremony of the season.

Jess Edwards is the first villain of The Bachelor season 28

Every season of The Bachelor needs a villain and the first villain of Joey's season is Jess Edwards.

On the first night, Jess pulls the usual villain speech about not being there to make friends and is only there for Joey. As if making it clear she's not there to make friends is not enough to land her villain status for the week, she also steals Joey away from someone else during the cocktail party which does not earn her any brownie points among the other women.

Still, she manages to secure a rose and moves on to the next week!

Who goes home on The Bachelor tonight? (Jan. 22, 2024)

At the first rose ceremony of the season, Joey sends home a total of ten women. The ten women who do not get a rose and are sent home are Chandler Dewgard, Kayla Rodgers, Kyra Brusch, Lanie Latsios, Natalie Crepeau, Samantha Hale, Samantha Washington, Sandra Rabadi, Talyah Jackson, and Zoe Antona.

This means that after the first week of the show, 22 women remain in the competition. Those 22 women are:

  • Allison Hollinger
  • Autumn Waggoner
  • Chrissa Perez
  • Daisy Kent
  • Edwina Dorbor
  • Erika Cardenas
  • Evalin Clark}
  • Jenn Tran
  • Jessica Edwards
  • Katelyn DeBacker
  • Kelsey Anderson
  • Kelsey Toussant
  • Lauren Hollinger
  • Lea Cayanan
  • Lexi Young
  • Madina Alam
  • Maria Georgas
  • Marlena Haddad
  • Rachel Nance
  • Starr Skyler
  • Sydney Gordon
  • Taylor Weins