Jenn Tran is shining in the new promo for The Bachelorette Season 21

Ready or not, here she comes!
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Jenn. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth)
THE BACHELOR - ABC's “The Bachelor” stars Jenn. (Disney/Richard Middlesworth) /

The Bachelorette Season 21 promo is all kinds of fun and excitement with Jenn Tran at front and center. Seeing her shine in this promo has us all quite excited about the upcoming season.

ABC released the promo earlier this week, and suffice it to say, it looks like Jenn is ready to take on the role and do it with style, smiles, and a lot of enthusiasm. Funny enough, the promo is getting a lot of eyes on it because it seems to resemble other reality dating shows including Love Island.

The bright and colorful feel and aesthetic of the promo is different than promos in the past, which actually makes it more fun to watch. We are all over the usual promos and I think it is time that ABC thinks outside of the box, even if that means trying to style yourself after other successful shows.

All that to say, I am here for this lighthearted and cute vibe that Jenn is bringing to the mix, and I think that the promo bodes well for the season to come.

When does The Bachelorette Season 21 premiere?

According to the promo, Jenn's season will premiere on Monday, July 8th and air at 8 PM EST. That is pretty standard as Mondays are usually the day the show airs on, so no surprises there.

I think the only thing that is a bit different is the season is airing later than usual and will be taking over the timeslot that Bachelor in Paradise usually has. I don't know what that means for Paradise, but I'm not liking the odds in favor of the show's return.

But let's worry about that later! Right now, all eyes are on Jenn and we cannot wait to see what she brings to the mix!

Based on everything we have seen so far, there is definitely a newfound excitement for what she will bring to the table. She just exudes fun and silliness, which I think these shows can really benefit from. Plus, she is making history as the first-ever Asian-American lead on The Bachelorette.

Jenn Tran is already off to a great start, and come Monday, July 8th, we can't wait to see her journey unfold.

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