Is The Bachelor new tomorrow? (Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024?)

Last week, ABC brought fans new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday and Tuesday but will the n
THE BACHELOR - "Episode TBD" (Disney/John Fleenor)
THE BACHELOR - "Episode TBD" (Disney/John Fleenor) JOEY GRAZIADEI /

Last week, ABC surprised Bachelor Nation with a pair of new episodes of The Bachelor with a special Tuesday night episode accompanying the week's usual Monday night episode. It was a welcome treat for fans as it meant a double dose of Joey Graziadei which we were so there for!

Over the course of the two episodes, we saw Joey and his remaining women jetting off to Malta and then Spain for a series of incredible dates that made us fall further in love with Joey. By the end of the episodes, Joey had said goodbye to another four women leaving just 10 women to join him on the next leg of his journey which will take us to Montreal this Monday night.

After ABC decided to air two episodes last week, fans are curious to know if The Bachelor is shifting to a two-night schedule but we're here to clear up that confusion for you!

The Bachelor will not be airing on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Although ABC decided to air a special Tuesday night episode of The Bachelor last week, there will only be one new episode coming fans this week. This week, The Bachelor shifts back to its normal release schedule with just one episode coming fans' way via the usually scheduled Monday night episode.

It's unclear why ABC chose to air two episodes of The Bachelor last week, but we know ABC does not have any plans for additional Tuesday night episodes in the near future. This is because ABC's Tuesday night programming slate will be kicking off on Feb. 20 as new seasons of three hit ABC dramas begin airing across the network's primetime slots.

Starting this week, fans can look forward to new episodes of Will Trent, The Rookie, and The Good Doctor on Tuesday nights. With the three dramas settling into ABC's primetime lineup on Tuesday, we're not expecting to see any special Tuesday episodes of The Bachelor in the weeks ahead as it's expected that ABC will keep to one new episode of The Bachelor weekly.

While we're not expecting any additional Tuesday episodes, we won't be surprised if ABC throws in a few three-hour episodes of The Bachelor as we get closer to the finale!