Interview: Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon on their new Dawn partnership, Baby No. 2 & more!

Ashley & Jared spoke to Accept This Rose about their coffee house & lounge, how they're prepping for Baby No. 2, and some of their favorite things about being Bachelor Nation alums!
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It was our distinct pleasure to chat with Bachelor Nation alums and couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon about some of the most exciting things going on in their lives right now. Along with prepping for Baby No. 2, Ashley & Jared have their hands full with their 2-year-old son Dawson, their restaurant Audrey's Coffee House & Lounge, and their latest partnership with Dawn Professional.

It's safe to say this couple wears many hats and they are arguably killing it at doing it all. Accept This Rose chatted with the Bachelor Nation couple, who got engaged during Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, about their lives, the big partnership, and what they've been doing to get ready for Baby No. 2.

Read parts of our interview below and check out the full 13-minute interview by clicking the YouTube link here or watching the video below.

Ashley & Jared are balancing their entrepreneur era with their Baby No. 2 era thanks to Dawn Professional

"I feel like we are kinda just ready for Baby No. 2. We had one, we know what to expect, we're just waiting for arrival," shared Jared. Ashley added, "We haven't prepared much. I don't know what to prepare for. It's kind of just like 'Figure it out as you go'. We think we kind of know how the certain necessities/product stuff that we are going to need works. It's a matter of bringing it upstairs and putting it to use."

There's a bit more, according to Ashley & Jared, that allows them to be at ease when it comes to family time and adding one more kid to the mix. And it has something to do with Dawn Professional Manual Pot & Pan. In case you didn't know, the couple opened up a coffee house & lounge in Rhode Island, where Jared was born and raised. It has been quite an exciting and challenging addition to their lives but thanks to Dawn Professional, life is just a little bit easier, but more on that later.

When asked how they got into the restaurant business, Jared revealed, "I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I always wanted to own my own business. Always worked in restaurants. When we moved back here, I was talking to Ashley about potentially opening my own place. We saw a couple of different options for a couple of different ideas. We landed on this one spot that used to be a coffee shop that I really enjoyed.

Ashley added charismatically, "It was there for 20 years, so we figured we can't go wrong with the spot."

"We named it Audrey's after her mom and I've always loved the idea of a coffee shop that turns into an expresso bar. We have a full liquor license. It is a grind, I'm definitely the owner and operator, the general manager," shared Jared. "It's very cool, and I'm very lucky to own my own business. It's been cool, and we have been able to do some fun stuff there, including this partnership with Dawn we have. We literally use Dawn Professional Pot & Pan. I just wash dishes there. I do whatever needs to be done in order to keep the business going. Washing dishes, making food, making drinks, doing whatever I have to do."

And when Jared says he does everything, he truly does. And Bachelor Nation fans love it! According to Jared, a screen door had to be put up because fans would often pop their heads into the kitchen to say hi, and were shocked that Jared was back there working like everyone else. Luckily for the fans, Ashley and Jared love that the fans are so excited about their coffee house and that they say hi. After all, the world is just as much as part of their story than they are!

The Dawn Professiona Manual Pot & Pan partnership that Ashley and Jared are gushing about

As far as their partnership with Dawn goes, Ashley had nothing but raving reviews about it, especially with how it positively impacts their family life.

"We couldn't think about a better partnership because [Jared] is actually at he sink often doing the dishes. He does manual labor there so many days of the week. It is an amazing product. [...]. [Jared] did show me how it works, and like the pots and pans we have there, they have buffalo dip and spinach artichoke dip like always baked on. With Dawn Professional, it all just slides right off," said Ashley.

Ashley continued by sharing why using Dawn Professional has actually been good for their family life, especially with Jared spending a lot of time at the coffee house, "And I just want to add that before you asked 'How do you make time for family?'. Well, it's not the easiest for sure, but this product does allow Jared to work smarter and not harder. And the dish process is a little bit faster and more streamlined because of it. If it gets him home 20 minutes earlier, I'm like, 'Heck ya!' and it does, it really does. It has a superior clean and a fast one!"

Jared added how partnering up with Dawn Professional has truly been a great addition to his process at the coffee house. "It's cool to partner up with products that I actually use at Audrey's and we really do use Dawn Professional. It's a great product, and it has helped me work smarter rather than harder, which is a always positive step because it makes for more of an effective clean. I can wash dishes a little bit faster, and I don't have to turn the sinks over so much."

Tips & tricks from Ashley & Jared about being in the restaurant industry

According to Jared, his biggest advice is "know exactly what you are getting yourself into." And Ashley coudn't agree more, epsecially because she had no idea that it would entail Jared being gone as much as he is.

Jared also pointed out that be prepared to "spend a lot of time at your place" and to not "let your ego get in the way". He said if you have to wash dishes, or mop and sweep, get back there and do it, and don't worry about how it reflects on you as the owner.

I love that advice! Fully hands on and no qualms about it!

Ashley & Jared's tips for first-time parents and those hoping to become parents

Ashley and Jared both provided their insight into being parents and what to look out for when you are becoming parents for the first time. Ashley provided some heartfelt advice sharing, "You're going to figure it out, and it will come more naturally than you think it will."

Jared added some insight into the amount of pressure parents put on themselves, and how to approach this with more lightheartedness. "My biggest advice would be to not put too much pressure on yourself. I feel like there is this idea out there that you have to be the perfect parent and there is so much social pressure to ensure that you are with them all the time and that you are always teaching them something and they are never watching tv and all these drastic measures. It is just like you know life is not perfect, and it is not meant to be perfect. If you are doing the best you can and you love your kid, then you are doing a great job!"

We love that advice, Jared!

Here's what Ashley & Jared love about being Bachelor Nation alums

As we wrapped up the interview with Ashley & Jared, we asked the both of them what they love about being a part of the Bachelor Nation family. When it comes to Ashley, she loves the idea of all of them getting together and the fact that they all get along so well. Most recently, a lot of the Bachelor Nation alums got together for fellow alum Nick Viall's wedding to Natalie Joy. Ashley shared how special it was to have a reunion, and how she hopes they never stop.

"We had Nick Viall's wedding this weekend. Every time we have a gathering like that I'm always worried it is going to be the last get-together or reunion," shared Ashley. "I am just so grateful every time that I'm with these people that we have in this community. The Bachelor family really is a family. I don't know what it is about a lot of our personalities, but we just jive, and it is just really nice to have this group of friends. And every time we have something like that we always have great memories." Jared added, "I agree with that wholeheartedly. I also say that the craziest thing about being a Bachelor alum is the idea that you get to meet these people you have looked up to all your life potentially. And for me it was the Toms (Tom Brady, Tom Cruise, and Rob Thomas). I've met them all, and it's the craziest s**t ever."

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