Golden Bachelor shocker: Gerry Turner has been lying to America all season long

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The Golden Bachelor season 1 has painted Gerry Turner as a charming retiree, but it seems we’ve been lied to this season as our Prince is actually a frog.

From the very beginning of the show, Gerry has been billed as a retired restaurateur who hasn’t dated in 45 years. He’s been the portrait of charm, and fans have quickly fallen in love with Gerry over the course of the show’s first season which has been a ratings sensation for ABC.

Heading into the finale on November 30, Bachelor Nation has been eager to see who Gerry would end up with after watching his journey for love across the season. We’ve been rooting for Gerry and fallen in love with ABC’s first Golden Bachelor; however, it seems it might all have been a lie as a spicy new report from The Hollywood Reporter indicates Gerry Turner is not the man he’s been made out to be!

Apparently, Gerry Turner is not retired after all

Let’s start with one of the more innocent reveals from The Hollywood Reporter‘s shocking report: Gerry Turner isn’t actually retired. That’s right, as revealed by the outlet and confirmed via Gerry’s LinkedIn page, Gerry did not retire at age 55. In fact, it seems Gerry hasn’t been in the restaurant industry since 1985!

Per the report, Gerry sold his Mr. Quick Hamburger drive-in restaurant located in Iowa back in 1985 and did not retire directly after selling the business. In the years after selling the restaurant, Gerry has held many positions and interestingly his LinkedIn resume does not list an end date for employment hinting that Gerry is still a working man.

While it’s unclear what Gerry’s current job might be, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Gerry’s hot tub installation and maintenance work at a Mental Health Center are all among his “post-retirement” jobs.

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Gerry Turner has dated since his wife’s passing

One of the most shocking revelations to come from The Hollywood Reporter‘s insider report about Gerry is that despite the show making us think Gerry hasn’t been in the dating game since his wife’s death, it turns out Gerry has indeed been with multiple partners since Toni’s passing with the site alleging he actually began dating again a month after his wife’s death.

As the report alleges, Gerry began seeing a woman — for privacy, her name is kept from the report which instead refers to her as “Carolyn” across the feature — a month after Toni’s death. Carolyn and Gerry entered a three-year relationship which began “innocently enough a month after his wife’s death.”

The pair dated for 10 months before Carolyn moved into Gerry’s Indiana home where the two lived together for one year and nine months before their nasty breakup (more on that soon).

In addition to his three-year relationship with Carolyn, Gerry also had several short-term relationships.

In an interview with The SunHeather Lanning-Adams, who met Gerry at The Shady Nook bar which he was said to frequent often, revealed that Gerry dated quite frequently over the years before landing the role as The Golden Bachelor.

"“[Gerry] dated a couple of women. They weren’t all long-term, but they … weren’t short-term either…. He was with a couple of women for a decent amount of time, but it just didn’t work out.”"

So yeah, it seems despite The Golden Bachelor painting a picture of Gerry being a single who hasn’t dated since his wife’s passing, Gerry is no stranger to the world of dating in the modern era. We definitely understand and can’t say we’re surprised that Gerry has dated since his wife’s death, we just don’t understand why Gerry and the show had to make it seem like The Golden Bachelor has been the first time he’s dated again!

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The Golden Bachelor might not be a knight in shining armor after all… 

Across the first season of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry has won over America with his sweet and thoughtful demeanor; however, The Hollywood Reporter seems to paint Gerry in a very different light with his last long-term relationship hinting that Gerry is not all he’s cracked up to be.

According to the report, Turner was friends with Carolyn with the two first meeting through their work at the mental health community. She was present at his retirement party which was thrown as he left to move into his lakehouse with Toni. Sometime after, Toni passed away and Caryoln was among the many former coworkers who attended Toni’s visitation in July.

A month later, Gerry connected with Carolyn about assisting him with settling Toni’s estate and their relationship quickly developed into a romantic one shortly after.

Gerry eventually asked Carolyn to move in with him after about a year together and she eventually agreed when Gerry “promised her elderly mom that he intended to eventually marry Carolyn.” Upon Gerry’s urging to quit her job and find something closer to the lake house, Carolyn found an accounting job in Fort Wayne which was about an hour away.

Upon moving in with Gerry in July 2018, it seems Gerry began throwing up several red flags telling her she’d need to pay $1,000 a month for expenses, that they’d need to go Dutch on all meals — though it seems when the bill would come, Gerry allegedly would act as though was “paid the whole tab like the big man” YIKES! — and was insistent upon Carolyn always make the bed before coming to breakfast.

The Golden Bachelor finale
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR – ABCÕs ÒThe Golden BachelorÓ stars Gerry Turner. (ABC/Brian Bowen Smith) /

Gerry Turner had a nasty pre-Golden Bachelor breakup

After living together for several months, Gerry and Carolyn’s relationship ended in shocking fashion ahead of Gerry’s high school class reunion in October 2019.

As Carolyn was packing for the trip, Gerry shockingly informed Caroyn he was not taking her on the trip for the most disgusting of reasons. “I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that,” Carolyn recalled Gerry telling her as he commented about her weight and appearance. The exchange led to the pair’s breakup which is when things got even more messy.

Gerry allegedly told Carolyn she had to be out of the house by January 1, 2020. While packing alone at the house, Carolyn fell down the stairs leading to an injury to her foot which required surgery the following day. Upon learning of Carolyn’s accident, Gerry “refused to allow Carolyn to stay in their love nest during the final week of the two weeks’ notice she was required to give her boss before leaving her job.”

Instead, Gerry insisted that she go to a hotel in the dead of winter while still recovering from the surgery and relying upon the use of a walker.

Needless to say, it seems ABC and Gerry have been lying to us all season long on The Golden Bachelor which is going to make it hard to watch the finale on November 30. Thus far neither ABC nor Gerry has replied to The Hollywood Reporter‘s request for comment which in a sense almost says it all…

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