Dancing With The Stars Week 8: Charity Lawson does Whitney Houston

It was Whitney Houston night on Tuesday night’s episode of Dancing With The Starsand Charity Lawson had another exciting week!

I don’t think we’ve ever had a Whitney-themed night on this show. Good times!

Charity’s time starts with a recap of her disappointing week last week. She and Artem got all 8s from the judges, and Charity says, “8s are like 6s at the stage that we’re at.” Sad!

Charity seems very upset that she is in the middle of the leaderboard.

The recurring critique has been that Charity needs more energy in her dances, and this week, she has a very exciting dance to showcase that!

Charity and Artem were assigned the classic “I Will Always Love You,” dancing the Viennese Waltz.

Charity wore a beautiful flowing white gown as she performed the twirly dance.

Judges comment on Charity Lawson’s dance

Billy said the dance was “gorgeous,” but her limbs were a bit “olive oily,” whatever that means! Presumably, he meant they were a little wobbly. He also told her to spot on her turns!

Bruno said the dance was “sophisticated” and “classy.” He said to ensure she didn’t cut her arm movements short, but the dance was “beautiful.”

Carrie Ann said the judges were asking for a deeper “connection to the movement,” but she saw “much more joy” in the dance.

Derek also commented on Charity’s arms but said the energy comes from the “torso and the back.”

Overall, the judges did seem slightly more impressed this week!

The scores

Charity received all 9s from the judges this week! She’s getting closer and closer to a 10–you got this, Charity!

In other news, oh my gosh. Next week is Taylor Swift week!!  Can’t wait.

What were your favorite moments from Charity’s dance this week? Share in the comments!