The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All special won’t include these six contestants

History will be made tonight on ABC as the first-ever Golden Bachelor Women Tell All special comes our way giving us the chance to see Gerry Turner come face-to-face with the women he’s sent home across the season.

As expected, we knew tonight wouldn’t feature Gerry’s Final 2 women as the Men and Women Tell All Specials never do. We did, however, expect that the full cast from this season would be back; however, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR – “The Women Tell All” – Thirteen incredible women reunite with Gerry and each other for the first time during a night of emotional “Bachelor” firsts. Plus, the heart-wrenching conclusion to the hometown rose ceremony is revealed and a look at the shocking season finale. THURSDAY, NOV. 9 (8:00-9:14 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Disney/John Fleenor)

Which Golden Bachelor contestants are missing from the Women Tell All special?

Ahead of the Women Tell All special, ABC released a cast photo of the contestants returning for the first-ever Golden Bachelor Tell All special. While most of the cast are coming back to revisit the season’s biggest moments and face Gerry for the first time since they left the show, six women won’t be featured in the episode:

  • Anna Zalk
  • Jeanie Howard
  • Maria Trice
  • Peggy Dercole
  • Renee Halverson-Wright
  • Sylvia Robledo

While it would have been great to see the full cast back, it’s not surprising that all of the contestants who are missing the Women Tell All were sent home after either the first or second rose ceremony. It’s also not surprising that Maria won’t be back given she quit the show and left before the second rose ceremony of the season.

The good news is that we’re going to get to see this season’s many fan-favorites back including Susan Noles, April Kirkwood, and Kathy Swarts. Here’s the full list of contestants confirmed for the episode:

  • April Kirkwood
  • Christina Kempton
  • Edith Aguirre
  • Ellen Goltzer
  • Joan Vassos
  • Kathy Swarts
  • Marina Perera
  • Nancy Hulkower
  • Natascha Hardee
  • Pamela Burns
  • Patty James
  • Sandra Mason
  • Susan Noles
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THE GOLDEN BACHELOR – “106” – Only two roses remain as Gerry Turner heads to the hometowns of his final three women where, for the first time in “Bachelor” history, their children and grandchildren are waiting to meet the man hoping to win their loved one’s heart. THURSDAY, NOV. 2 (8:00-9:02 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Disney/John Fleenor)

Faith Martin should be at the Women Tell All to face Gerry Turner

Of course, we also won’t be seeing Gerry’s Final 2 with Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist not expected to appear in any capacity aside from the promotional teaser at the end of the episode teeing up what’s still to come in the final episodes. We will, however, get to see Faith address Gerry for the first time since she was sent home following the hometown dates.

The conversation between Faith and Gerry promises to be one of the most emotional moments of the night as there is sure to be a lot to unpack between the pair. During the hometowns, Faith was one of two women Gerry openly said he was in love with so many thought Faith would get a rose.

Instead, it was confirmed by Reality Steve that Faith was sent home after hometowns. This shocking twist is sure to have left Faith with some questions and unresolved feelings that we hope she’ll get to address during the Women Tell All special this evening!