The Golden Bachelor spoilers: A sneak peek into the first night

The official premiere of The Golden Bachelor is just over a week away! Now that we’ve gotten to formally meet all of the women and see a spoiler, it’s time to get a sneak peek into what night one will look like for Gerry Turner.

No matter how the first evening goes, I just know that all of the women will have a great time, and hopefully, Gerry can see his future life partner in this group of women.

Here’s what night one of The Golden Bachelor will look like for Gerry Turner!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have exclusive photos of the first night. We can see just a few of the women who exit the limo and Gerry standing there waiting for them all to arrive. There’s also a photo of a golden rose made to look just like the rose in Beauty and the Beast encased in glass. I’m unsure if that’s meant to be the First Impression rose, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless.

We’ve seen several promos from ABC of The Golden Bachelor, and thus far, one has warmed my heart. It’s the promo where all the ladies are heading to the mansion in a limo, and they all yell, “GERRY!”. To me, that almost made me tear up just a bit. These ladies will be enamored by Gerry’s zest for life and longing to find a forever partner.

While we’ve gotten just a tiny little sneak peek at some of the ladies on their one-on-one times with Gerry and exiting the limo, I cannot wait for the whole night to unfold right before my eyes. This show has been years in the works, and I cannot wait for it to begin!

Check out some more exclusive photos from Entertainment Weekly right over here!

What do you think of this tiny sneak peek of night one of the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor? Are you just as excited as I am? Drop your comments, thoughts, and questions about Golden Gerry in the comments section below!

I cannot wait to watch this brand-new show concept unfold. I wish Gerry nothing but the best in finding his forever partner. He will always, always be the OG Golden Bachelor! Cheers to love and happiness!