The Bachelorette Season 20 Finale: Fashion Dos and Donts

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The Bachelorette Season 20, Charity Lawson

ABC/Craig Sjodin

If you can even believe it, The Bachelorette Season 20 has concluded!

Welcome to the finale night of The Bachelorette Season 20! This week, our lead, Charity Lawson, had to make the seemingly difficult decision of who her chosen one would be. That person that she ended up deciding to want to spend the rest of her life with is…Dotun!

Congratulations to the super happy couple–we wish you nothing but the best!

To put it lightly, things weren’t all rainbows and butterflies this week. But one thing’s for sure: next week will be emotionally challenging for Charity and the guys, but also for us back home to watch! I hope she’s happy. I had so much fun watching it!

After all those messages, welcome to the finale of The Bachelorette Season 20!

In terms of fashion, whether it’s good or bad, we’ve certainly got all fronts covered over here, so be sure to stay tuned!

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Let us know your thoughts in the comments about who is best/worst dressed each week for the whole season! If you’re a fashion fan and poking some fun at people, stay tuned weekly for our updates!

*In case you haven’t seen The Bachelorette Season 20 finale just yet, there will be SPOILERS ahead, so beware!*

Since only two men (besides Aaron B. for two seconds) left this week, we will go over each of the guys’ best and worst fashion moments as a whole, so be sure to stay tuned!

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