The Bachelorette Season 20, Episode 1: Best quotes of the episode

THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Joey. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Joey. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth) /

The contestants say the most unique, random, laugh-out-loud statements every season of The Bachelorette, especially during the premiere. On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette Season 20, there were almost too many to choose from.

These are the best quotes from The Bachelorette Season 20 premiere!

The Bachelorette Season 20 premiere quotes

1. “That guy’s doing backflips, and I’m in HR”–Nic

I laughed out loud at this. It perfectly exemplifies the insane competition that is The Bachelorette. The men feel they must resort to more and more showmanship each season to impress the Bachelorette and the millions of people watching.

What I liked about this is that it showed a great sense of humor and a nice dose of humility on Nic’s part. It won me over immediately!

2. “My wrestling persona is a self-loving douche”- Caleb

This was a great one. We’ve had a couple of pro wrestlers on this show (thinking of Kenny from Rachel Lindsay’s season), but I loved hearing Caleb describe the difference between his wrestling persona and who he is.

Apparently, he is quite the opposite in real life– I guess we’ll see!

3. “Why is everyone so tall?? They’re huge.” -Joey

Hahaha. This quote was one of the best I’ve heard on this show in a while! I noticed the same thing– the men were positively towering over Charity. Some looked like they wouldn’t fit in the camera shot!

Joey won me over with this one. He’s probably a perfectly average height in real life, but in The Bachelorette space, what works in everyday life doesn’t always cut it!

I can’t imagine how intimidating it must be to suddenly compete against the most impressive physical specimens the show could find. Godspeed, Joey.

4. “It is the full display of mating season here on animal planet”- Aaron 

Enough said.

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Gotta love these contestants and what they have to say!

What were your favorite quotes from The Bachelorette premiere? Share in the comments!