The Golden Bachelor picked up by ABC for fall premiere

The Golden Bachelor is premiering on ABC in the fall! If you don’t know what that means, it is the Bachelor franchise show we’ve been waiting for a long time.

Who said love is only for the young? The Golden Bachelor proves that you can still aspire to find love even if you are older. This show was created as part of the Bachelor family to help single seniors find love.

Originally, this show was announced about three years ago, but then the COVID pandemic hit. That was not the best time to get a group of elderly folks together, even after quarantine, so the show was put on hold.

But it’s finally happening, and we cannot wait!

The Golden Bachelor airs this fall

The series will air on Monday nights after Dancing with the Stars. However, we do not have a premiere date as of yet. Given the Writers Guild of America strike, reality shows will likely be the only thing to watch on the network. I hope you all are ready for a lot of reality television, and it might be all we have for a long time.

As the shows before it, the series will have one individual with a group of women hoping to find love with the lead. Of course, The biggest difference is that these individuals have lived full lives and been through many of life’s experiences.

They know what they want, and they’ve likely been married before or had full lives before walking into the mansion. Honestly, for that reason alone, I’m super excited! It’ll be a welcome change to have mature folks looking for love, and the fact they are in their sunset years is even better.

We don’t have any details yet, but we will update you as they come in!

It’s time for the seniors to find love!

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