Jade and Tanner Tolbert are officially trying for baby number four!

Jade and Tanner are probably among the most famous couples of Bachelor in Paradise. They are quite possibly the most successful couple in the franchise!

They already share three kids, Emerson “Emmy” (5), Brooks (3), and Reed (2). But recently, Jade revealed that she almost feels as if there’s still “one more baby” left to complete their family and be a family of six officially.

Jade and Tanner reveal their plans for a fourth baby!

Jade and Tanner originally got engaged on season two of Bachelor in Paradise. They have one daughter and two sons and plan to expand their family! They recently announced that they are trying for baby number four!

During a recent Q&A, Jade was asked if she and Tanner would be trying for another baby after they had expressed some concerns about being happy with three babies. Well, now it’s official. She said they would try for a few months for a fourth baby and see what happens. So far, they haven’t had any success, but she hopes that with some recent natural cycles and ovulation calendars, success is in their near future. Eventually, they both agreed that if it takes more time than anticipated, there will be a time when they will have to be okay with three babies.

Here’s what Jade Tolbert had to say about it:

I was just ovulating again, so we’ll see in a couple weeks! It’s really a weird feeling, because Reed is SUCH the baby of the family, but I still feel there’s one more baby out there for us. It’s a heart tug.

Jade and Tanner were also asked how long it took Jade to ‘feel herself again’ after having all her babies. She said she felt just about herself again at the two-year mark after having her youngest son, Reed. For every woman, it’s different, but Jade is making it her life’s priority to take care of her kids, be kind to herself and her body, and ultimately have much more compassion and love for herself. It all starts from within.

We’re so happy for Jade and Tanner!

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