The Bachelorette: Rachel Recchia opens up about breast reduction surgery

THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe Bachelorette" stars Rachel Recchia. (ABC/Gizelle Hernandez)
THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe Bachelorette" stars Rachel Recchia. (ABC/Gizelle Hernandez) /

The Bachelorette’s Rachel Recchia is being open and honest about a “life-altering surgery” she had. She penned a personal essay for Today talking about the breast reduction surgery she got last month.

Recchia decided to put her story on social media to share with others who might feel the same as she did before the surgery. Learn more about her experience and story below!

The Bachelorette’s Rachel Recchia talks about breast reduction surgery

“I never heard anyone talk about this procedure, and I felt so defeated by my body,” Recchia shared. When she was about 17 years old, Recchia said she got her first consultation for a breast reduction. She didn’t feel comfortable in her frame, and it didn’t feel like her body fit her lifestyle.

There was physical pain and discomfort, but she also felt that she had to cover up so she wasn’t  “sexualized more than I already was.”

Nearly a decade later, the Bachelorette decided to get that surgery and take her first step towards feeling comfortable in her body. “I had waited years for this. And the moment I opened my eyes and got off the table, I knew my life had changed — for the better,” she said. “My body felt different. Lighter. For the first time in over a decade, I didn’t have back pain.”

It was a tough decision for Recchia to open up about this experience on social media admitting that she was nervous about what people would think of it. As we all know, the internet isn’t the kindest place; people judge before learning the truth.

Luckily, Recchia was met with a lot of support and kind words for her journey and decision, and she continues to be uplifted by her friends and family. I love that for her and hope she always has that love and kindness around her!

We first met Rachel Recchia as a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. After a dumpster fire of an ending to the season, she got the opportunity to be the Bachelorette alongside Gabby Windey. Things didn’t end on a happily-ever-after note for Recchia, but she’s been looking ahead to the future and living her best life.

What more could anyone want, right?

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Wishing you the best of luck, Rachel!

Tune in for a new season of The Bachelorette premiering on Monday, June 26 on ABC at 9 PM EST!