The Bachelor Season 27, Episodes 8 & 9: Power Rankings

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Welcome to week eight of The Bachelor Season 27! This week we had a double whammy: we not only had one episode of The Bachelor this week, but two different episodes! On Monday night, we had hometowns. And then on Tuesday night, we had the Women Tell All episode where, this season at least, if the women had a chance, some most likely would’ve thrown some punches. Oof is all I can say about that one, for sure.

While I can’t make any promises here, I hope the rest of the season will be great!

Below, we will go over the top five ladies of the night, from worst to best, and why they landed where they did on this week’s power ranking.

Who made it on the night’s top five power rankings from The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 8?

From worst to best, the top five women of night five are in this week’s power rankings from The Bachelor Season 27:

Jessica Bowlin

ABC/Craig Sjodin

5. Jesse Palmer

Here’s why I think that Jesse Palmer deserves the #5 spot:

  • He handled all of the women’s yelling and screaming super well
  • He was laughing through most of it all, which made me laugh a ton as well

Although I miss the OG Chris Harrison a ton, Jesse Palmer is doing an absolutely wonderful job as the host. Not everyone can do it or would even be good at doing it. However, Jesse makes it look so easy. He let all the women yell and duke it out, then he said his piece, trying to break them up as well. I truly do hope he stays on as the host in both Paradise and the regular versions, should they still be on the air. Do you like Jesse Palmer as much as I do?!

Jess Girod

ABC/Craig Sjodin

4. Jess

Here’s why I think that Jess deserves the #4 spot:

  • No one ever deserves to feel unworthy–so glad that she fell in love with herself first
  • I am totally loving this brand-new side of her–body glitter and all

I love Jess and truly hope we see her again somewhere in the franchise. If it could be anyone in Bachelor Nation, who do you think she would look cute with?!

Greer Blitzer

ABC/Craig Sjodin

3. Greer

Here’s why I think that Greer deserves the #3 spot:

  • I had no idea about her controversial Insta posts
  • She handled said controversy super well and she seemed very genuine, to me at least.

I was never a big fan of Greer’s, but I did like her. I felt super bad for her when she had to fly all the way to Zach just to get broken up with. I hope to see her again and think she’d be a perfect fit for Paradise–a little bit wild, serious, goofy, and totally herself!!

Katherine Izzo

ABC/Craig Sjodin

2. Katherine

Here’s why I think that Katherine deserves the #2 spot:

  • She, unfortunately, had to sit super close to Brooklyn–she’s superheroic just for that alone
  • She handled Brooklyn’s endless repetitive comments with grace and poise

Katherine was super underrated this season in my personal opinion. Besides Aly, she was the most underrated woman this whole season. Besides her boat dancing during the one-on-one date with Zach, I liked her and brushed off that she ruined Charity’s one-on-one date experience. Katherine, I hope that if people are being unkind to you on social media, they get their karma, truly. You’re such a sweet person, and I truly do hope that this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of you!

Charity Lawson

ABC/Craig Sjodin

1. Charity

Here’s why I think that Charity deserves the #1 spot:


That’s a wrap on this week’s power rankings list from Week 8! What were your thoughts?

What do you make of this list? What did you think of Week 8? Be sure to tune in Monday nights on ABC at 8 PM EST for new episodes of The Bachelor Season 27! Let us know your thoughts on everything Season 27-related in the comments below!