The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 9 recap: Women Tell All!

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3. Jess’s One-On-One

Jess finally got the one-on-one date she wanted, but unfortunately, it came after the show in front of a live audience. She took center stage with Jesse on the hot seat and had an opportunity to say her thoughts on her journey on The Bachelor.

After watching her journey back, she talked to Jesse about her reaction to Zach and what she ultimately wanted. She did want a date and time with Zach but was happy she stood up for herself in the end. She now knows what she wants and feels like the show allowed her to fall in love with herself.

She went on to say that she deserved more than that (her journey on the show) and finally wanted someone to fight for her instead of her having to fight for every relationship. Ultimately she wanted Zach to be open and honest but felt she was led on. Zach appeared later, and Jess got some closure on that fateful night.

Greer Blitzer

(ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

4. Greer Returns

Greer took the next turn on the hot seat and watched back her journey on The Bachelor Season 27, beginning with getting the first impression rose handed out by Zach. Then it went through the montage of Greer not getting a one-on-one date. She broke out into tears, watching her journey back. Jesse gave her a moment to collect her thoughts before she shared her thoughts on the situation.

Again, she understood Zach’s decision and how they had lost time with each other having COVID. She knew she was behind by not getting a one-on-one date, but COVID was the final straw. Greer said every week that passed, and she felt like she was losing Zach more and more. She even said that she contemplated going home during their time in London.

In the end, she acknowledged that she and Zach were not the right person for each other, and she hoped that Zach found his person and that she would, hopefully, one day find her person. Then Jesse addressed the animosity surrounding Greer in her defense of a classmate who dressed in blackface. She followed up on her social media apology and gave a more heartfelt apology on national television.

Greer followed up the apology by outlining her work to understand the ramifications of her words and actions. The show welcomed a diversity, inclusion, and equity professor to comment on this and worked with Greer on this after the show. Jesse also acknowledged that the show had done a poor job of highlighting and calling these issues out. This was a step in that direction.

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