The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 4: Which contestants are still in the running?

THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Zach Shallcross. (ABC/Nino Mu–oz)
THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Zach Shallcross. (ABC/Nino Mu–oz) /

The Bachelor Season 27 is sailing along as the mansion heads to the Bahamas! The women leave the mansion and meet Zach Shallcross in Nassau at the Baha Mar resort where they will be staying for the next leg of their journey to find love. 14 women are left on this journey but a lot could change as Zach starts to build deeper connections with the women. Let’s find out who is still around after The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 4!

The first date of this episode was a one-on-one ocean date between Zach and Kat. They toured the ocean before settling in for a nice dinner and deep conversation. Kat accepted the rose as the date was capped off with a personal firework show. The group date featured a beach party with a splash of drama that resulted in Ariel receiving a rose and Anastasia on the outs.

The final date of this episode was a one-on-one date with Brooklyn, who received a rose, and Zach taking them on an off-road journey through the Bahamian wilderness. Because of the drama stirred up on the group date, Zach sent Anastasia home to kick off the cocktail party.

Who did Zach choose to keep on The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 4?

Heading into the rose ceremony to conclude week four of The Bachelor Season 27, Zach had given roses out to Kat, Ariel, and Brooklyn all during their dates. Prior to the rose ceremony, Anastasia was sent home after rumors surfaced that she was only here to gain followers on social media. This meant only 13 women remained with three already safe. Out of the 10 women vying for a rose, only eight would get one.

Zach gave out the first rose to Charity who has been a favorite from day one and one of the women that Zach always has his eye on. The next rose went to a close second in Kaity who went on the museum date with Zach and spent the night with him there. This for some reason hasn’t caused animosity in the house yet. Next to receive a rose was Gabi, who after fearing she had missed her shot with The Bachelor, has regained her footing with Zach.

Five roses were left with Jess receiving the next rose. She talked to Zach more this episode about still being nervous but is slowly opening up more and obviously he wants to keep pursuing a relationship with her. Next to receive roses were Mercedes and Aly who have flown under the radar since the opening weeks. Maybe their luck will change in London which is where their love story takes them next.

Two roses were left with four women waiting. Greer received the next rose building off the instant connection she had with Zach and receiving some validation after their relationship seemed to fizzle a little bit after receiving the first impression rose. Kylee, who had all but counted herself out after airing the drama with Anastasia, received the final rose.

Who did Zach send home on The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 4?

In addition to Anastasia who was sent home to begin the cocktail party, Davia and Genevieve were eliminated at the rose ceremony. Davia had a conversation with Zach before the party was over as a last-second plea to keep exploring their relationship. When Zach talked to her he used a lot of past tense words about something they had. She noted this and brought it up but Zach didn’t elaborate. We can see why now.

Genevieve had never really hit it off with Zach but seemed to earn a rose at the cocktail party. Since this party felt shorter and not all the women got a chance to talk to Zach, she may have missed her opportunity here. She took the rejection gracefully and wished The Bachelor nothing but the best in finding his person, his best friend, and his wife.

Again the drama was put to bed in this episode, but it can return just as quickly as it went away. The next episode takes the crew to London where the stakes get higher. There is an event that shakeups up the show and previews looked as if Zach had to be isolated from the group. Out of the 14 women that entered this episode only 11 remain.

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