The Bachelor’s Becca Serrano age, Instagram, job: Everything to know about the season 27 contestant

THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Becca. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Becca. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth) /

It’s that time again, Bachelor Nation! The Bachelor Season 27 is right around the corner, with Zach Shallcross as the leading man. Even though he didn’t find love as a contestant on The Bachelorette, he is now getting another chance to find love on his own season.

His journey will feature thirty single women at various stages in life, all waiting to compete for his affection. He already met five contestants during the After the Final Rose show, which concluded Rachel’s and Gabby Windey’s season of The Bachelorette. With that in mind, let’s get to know the women on Zach’s season of The Bachelor, starting with Becca Serrano.

Becca Serrano Age

Becca is 25 years old, only a year younger than Zach. She hails from Burbank, California, only about an hour’s drive on I-5 northwest of where Zach is from in Anaheim Hills. This The Bachelor contestant comes from a tight Mexican-American family where Becca was raised by her mother. According to her bio, she says her mother is the person she loves most. Maybe she can make some room for Zach as well.

Becca Serrano Instagram

Becca has a little over ten thousand followers on Instagram. She has an eye for fashion, as evidenced by her posts. She noted that she wore a lot of beanies in high school, going for the skater-girl vibe. Here is a more updated picture of her punk rock vibe.

This The Bachelor contestant enjoys forbidden romance novels and finds the outdoors relaxing. Many of her posts feature her time outdoors at parks and on the beach. She is even a self-proclaimed dog mom.

Becca Serrano Job

Becca is currently a nursing student and always strives to put herself before others. In this profession, Becca has dedicated her life to helping others. She is hoping that Zach will meet all her desires in a partner. Becca wants a partner with whom she has natural chemistry and someone that isn’t afraid to show their goofy side. She wants her partner to value similar qualities like loyalty, honesty, and support. Here’s to hoping Zach shares the same southern California vibes with Becca!

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The Bachelor Season 27 premieres on Monday, January 23rd at 8 PM EST.

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