Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari rang in the new year together

Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari are, once again, the talk of the town. In early 2022, the duo filmed a steamy photoshoot for Cavallari’s clothing and jewelry line. This was when the rumors began, but there wasn’t much else to glean from that fleeting moment.

Toward the end of 2022, the two reunited again, adding flame to the fire surrounding their potential romance. But, again, the rumors died, and nothing came out of it.

However, there is proof (well, it’s been deleted now) that the two might be more than friends or professional working partners. As seen in Jason Tartick’s Instagram story, Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari were all over each other ringing in the new year.

They were with Bachelor Nation alums Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tartick, amongst others. Tartick’s videos have garnered much attention over the last 15 hours and have since been deleted. This leaves us to wonder–is this duo finally a couple!?

Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari–a match made in reality show heaven?

Although the videos have been deleted, many fan accounts recorded them, including Bachelornation.Scoop. The linked video shows the alleged couple sitting next to each other at dinner and then displaying some major PDA while dancing.

I know this isn’t confirmed, but these videos tell another story!

If this is indeed the case, then I’m happy for both of them. I’ve followed Cavallari since her Laguna Beach days, and I know she’s been through a lot and worked hard to get where she is. And then there’s Tyler Cameron, who experienced quite a rollercoaster following his days as a contestant on The Bachelorette.

These two look amazing together, and I hope these rumors are true. I wouldn’t mind it, and I’m here for this potential relationship. I’m hopeful that now that these videos have accidentally been shown to the world, the two will make it official. Or at least update us on their relationship status.

Tune in!

The one where Laguna Beach meets The Bachelorette.

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