Bachelor in Paradise: Who is Teddi Wright dating?

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Teddi Wright. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)TEDDI WRIGHT
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Teddi Wright. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)TEDDI WRIGHT /

Teddi Wright made quite the splash on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise this past season with her short-lived romance with Andrew Spencer. When they first got together, it looked like things were going to end with a happily ever after.

However, she ended up sending herself home and breaking Andrew’s heart. Heck, even Rodney Matthews, who had just come down to the beach before she left. It was quite a chaotic mess, but it looks like life has treated her well since her days on the beach.

She might even have a new man in her life!

Teddi Wright might be dating someone new

There was a “soft launch” of her alleged relationship based on a picture she posted hugging someone who is holding his arms around her. You can only see the person’s arms, but it definitely looks like a warm, romantic embrace.

Whoever this new man might be, we’re happy that she might have found someone new. It is no secret that the world of Bachelor Nation is not the nicest. It’s often cruel and too brutal, and at the end of the day, we just want everyone to be happy.

If Teddi Wright has found her happily ever after, I will be very excited for her!

What season of The Bachelor was Teddi Wright on?

We first met Teddi when she was a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Surprisingly, she ended up getting eliminated, especially after getting the first impression rose.

But alas, life had something else in mind for her–a trip to Bachelor in Paradise and, perhaps, a new romance in the world. Many Bachelor Nation fans have been speculating if the mystery man is someone from this reality series world. I don’t think it’s Andrew or Rodney’s arms in the picture, but wouldn’t that be something?

The Bachelor Season 27 will have less drama and is more “emotionally charged”. dark. Next

Keep an eye out for any updates surrounding Teddi Wright’s relationship status!

Who do you think Teddi is dating? Share your theories below!