How long is Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 15 tonight?

Bachelor Nation, tonight is night one of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 two-night finale event! A lot is on the line as couples try to figure out if they want to spend forever together.

While some couples are walking away engaged, some are more questionable. Amongst them, in my opinion, are Aaron and Genevieve. Honestly, this couple gives me a lot of anxiety, and they give off toxic vibes. They either love really hard or fight like they will kill each other. There is no in-between, and I think that is awfully frightening.

But where there is a toxic couple, there are also endgame couples like Brandon and Serene. During this week’s promo, Jesse Palmer asks a couple if they want to get married on the beach. Who wants to bet it is going to be Brandon and Serene?! I don’t think anyone else is as strong as them.

Maybe, Brittany and Tyler, but they’re still not as strong as Brandon and Serene.

We will know soon enough, Bachelor Nation!

How to watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 tonight

All Bachelor in Paradise episodes are available on FuboTV, which is running a free trial–if you don’t have cable or ABC.

You can also watch new episodes on Hulu the day after they air.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 15 length

According to ABC’s official scheduleBachelor in Paradise Season 8 will air on ABC from 8 PM EST to 10 PM EST. It will be night one of a two-night finale event, and both episodes will be two hours long (four hours total!).  Followed by tonight’s episode, fans of The Good Doctor can catch an all-new episode, so stick around for that.

See you tonight, Bachelor Nation! It is going to be epic!

Drama is headed our way on the beaches of Paradise!

What are you most excited about for tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!