Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episodes 13 & 14: Fashion Dos and Donts

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 has already been super crazy and dramatic and has been America’s favorite guilty pleasure this summer, and guess what? Next week is already the finale week!

If you still haven’t had enough drama, you’re lucky because this season is nothing short of this. The drama is in high gear, and of course, the number of tears and drinks being stolen is already living up to all of the preceding seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, that’s for sure.

And with all of that in mind, let’s dive into this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8!

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*In case you haven’t seen Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episodes 13 & 14 yet, there may be some spoilers ahead, so beware!*

Okay, let’s talk…

This was yet another drama-filled episode with…yup, you guessed it… tons of drama!

Why? Because there just can’t be a season without (any of) it.

Let’s discuss what went right and wrong in the fashion department this week!

We’re (also) here to talk about it with all of you, so be sure to engage in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Let’s discuss all things fashion…and a lack of some (most) of it!

Some of the most fashionable men/women so far: Michael and Danielle (yes, I love them)

Some of the least fashionable men/women so far: Mara and Rachel (no, hate them)

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