Who is Teddi from Bachelor in Paradise and why did she leave?

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Teddi Wright. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)TEDDI WRIGHT
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Teddi Wright. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)TEDDI WRIGHT /

Teddi from Bachelor in Paradise was front and center during this week’s second episode–and she wasn’t even there! That’s right, Teddi left from Paradise a few episodes ago, but Andrew Spencer has been nursing his heartbreak ever since.

After she decided to leave the beach and break up with Andrew, he tried to make it work with other women. Things felt like they were going decently well with Jessenia, but then his sights were set on Ency, who was a late arrival on the beach.

However, this week it all came to a head, and we finally understood why Teddi from Bachelor in Paradise impacted Andrew’s heart. Find out more below!

Teddi from Bachelor in Paradise has Andrew’s heart

Before coming to the shores of Paradise, Teddi was a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. She works as a surgical unit nurse in Highland, California, and is a “hopeless romantic who is ready to find her soul’s counterpart,” according to her official ABC bio.

Well, her soul’s counterpart was not Andrew Spencer, at least not according to what we know now. She opted to leave the beach after Rodney came and realized that her feelings for Andrew weren’t as strong as she thought. The pressure was too much to handle, so Teddi from Bachelor in Paradise decided to walk away, leaving Andrew’s heart in pieces.

As I mentioned, Andrew tried to make it work with multiple women after Teddi left, but it didn’t work. During this week’s second episode, it all blew up in his face when he faced the cold truth–he isn’t over Teddi.

Jessenia tried to confront Andrew during the Sadie Hawkins dance, and as he was falling apart, Ency decided to try and pull him away. Long story short, Andrew decided it was time for him to leave Paradise because his heart still lies with Teddi. And mo matter what he’s tried to do, he can’t get over her.

It was a very difficult moment to watch as Andrew insisted on leaving, but Ency begged him to stay. He had made his decision, so despite her incessant pleading, Andrew bid farewell to Paradise once and for all–with Jessenia and Ency following suit.

It was a very emotional episode, and things will only get more chaotic during next week’s two-night season finale event–and we can’t wait!

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See you next week for the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 finale!

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