Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Week 7: Most shocking moments


Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 has already been super crazy and dramatic and has been America’s favorite guilty pleasure this summer, and it’s just one more week until finale time!

If you still haven’t had enough drama, then you’re lucky because this season is nothing short of this. The drama is in high gear, and of course, the number of tears and drinks being stolen is already living up to all of the preceding seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, that’s for sure.

And with all of that in mind, let’s dive into last week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8!

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*In case you haven’t seen Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Week 7 yet, there may be some spoilers ahead, so beware!*

Okay, let’s talk…

This was yet another episode filled with drama!

Why? Because there can’t be a season without it!!

We’re (also) here to talk about it with all of you, so be sure to engage in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Week 7 most shocking moments

1. Kate and Shanae’s money conversation

The two of them together in just one conversation alone is just one big ol’ s*** storm. And last week, that proved to be true. They did nothing but judge Logan because he’s young and not necessarily as established as Hayden. However, Kate never bothered to ask Logan these sorts of questions that we know of, so how the heck would she know even the slightest thing about him? Shanae also needs just to shut up and go home already! I liked her at first, but now I’m back to, yes, ladies and gentlemen, you guessed correctly, not liking her anymore…oh well, she essentially did it to herself…both she and Kate did that!

2. Eliza picking Rodney…and then UNpicking Rodney

Honestly, I’m not surprised that she UNpicked Rodney as much as I was shocked and surprised that she even picked him in the first place. Besides my loving and adoring boyfriend, I can’t think of a better guy out there who wants to love and care for the one they’re with. I love Rodney, and now I officially hate Eliza. What she did to him was unfair and unkind. Find Justin, just don’t tell us how it goes…we, mostly I, just do not care one smidge. K, thanks!

3. How much Michael weighs in/talk about the other relationships

Michael seems to talk a lot about what’s happening around the beach but not much about his working relationship with Danielle. ABC doesn’t like sweet, simple, and kind…that’s too boring for them, so they focus on all of the drama. Since Michael (or Danielle, for that matter) isn’t involved in much drama at all (bye, Sierra, you complete and utter b****), so he has to weigh in on what everyone else is doing. Think of this: Michael and Wells would make quite the dynamic duo behind the bar, am I right, or am I right? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…I’ve got all day to find out!

4. How easy-going Justin was when dumped

While I’m not the biggest ‘Justice for Justin’ fan, I did feel sorry for him when he came back onto the beach for one specific person only to get dumped. Then that same person followed him home essentially and now wants him back. He cried in the limo but overall was super understanding of Eliza’s decision, which now we know, at least, that maybe he shouldn’t have been…Oh, well…Personally, take my advice Justin, run as far as you mother f****** can from Eliza. To me, she smells like stinky a** trouble. Please don’t say I didn’t warn you!

5. Aaron tricking Genevieve during their conversation…

Aaron and Genevieve have the most complicated relationship with those couples left on the beach. They always fight legit, including times that we don’t see on the TV/cameras. They broke up, ran after each other, threatened to leave, then ran back after each other, and now all is good. Aaron def got Genevieve good when he pretended to be all serious, to tell her that he wasn’t falling for her and already had fallen. How sweet, but also…more trouble is ahead next week, so be sure to be tuned in for all of that!

So not everything is shocking, dramatic, or bad. Here is a sweet moment as an honorable mention…


Short but sweet here. While Justin was pretty easy-going after getting dumped, he did cry a lot, and I felt bad for him. Okay, that is all. Tune in next week for even more drama!!

Night/Week 7 Faves: Danielle and Michael

Night/Week 7 Least Faves: Kate and Shanae

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That wraps up this week’s seventh-week thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8!

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