Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 14 recap: Dancing Queens

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Andrew Spencer. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)ANDREW SPENCER
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Andrew Spencer. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)ANDREW SPENCER /

The beach is alive with the sound of music on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8! Tonight the couples attended a Sadie Hawkins dance meaning the women had to ask the men. After the rough last couple of days, the couples need a fun time to bring back the energy on the beach. However, this wasn’t without its drama.

Are Andrew and Jessenia really over? Will he choose Ency in the end? A fight between Genevieve and Aaron was teased in the last episode. Will they make it to the end together? How will Gabby and Rachel being on the beach shake things up? Let’s find out what happened in Episode 14!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 14 recap

1. Bachelorettes on the Beach

Gabby and Rachel were the latest additions to the beach and, after meeting everyone, asked the women to go and talk. They talked with the women who were in relationships with the men from their Bachelorette season so Brittany, Victoria, and Kate.

Both ladies had good things to say about Tyler, which made Brittany smile. Rachel said he was one of if not the most engagement-ready guys from their season. Rachel said no one deserves this more than Tyler, especially how she left him in his hometown. Victoria said she was with Johnny, but Gabby didn’t have much to say about him.

Then came Kate, who said she was with Logan and before Rachel and Gabby could comment, Shanae chimed in about how she was with him before Kate arrived and couldn’t believe he left her. Both ladies were taken aback to hear that Logan has dated around, which shouldn’t come as a surprise with how he flipped during their season. Rachel said that she didn’t respect or trust Logan and then Kate asked to speak with them both privately.

Rachel and Gabby started to dish on Logan and said that he sometimes doesn’t appreciate what is going well right in front of him. Rachel talked about how he always held a position of power during their season, and it almost felt like he was the bachelor. She went on to say she still doesn’t respect him and doesn’t think he could change. They also brought up commitment issues between Logan and both ladies. Ultimately, it is Kate’s decision but based on their comments they are trying to steer her away from him. The ladies left Bachelor in Paradise shortly after their conversation, and Logan was on edge as Gabby’s departing words were that they had beef and he better treats her friend right.

2. Fight Night

As Aaron and Genevieve were being set up with mics, they started to have a conversation about how Genevieve was really impatient and annoyed. Aaron said that she was stressed, and Aaron said that stressed and annoyed were the same thing. Genevieve said they weren’t, and Aaron said that was like saying itching and pain weren’t the same. Yeah, you read that right.

The conversation turned into an argument, and voices started to get raised. Genevieve left the argument and went to her room to pack her bags. Every time this couple has a disagreement, it ends in an argument and Genevieve threatening to leave. Both blow things out of proportion and immediately hit the panic button, as Aaron explained it.

He went to find Genevieve, who was waiting for a car, to try to convince her to stay. They started back into their argument, and Aaron tried to say that Genevieve was saying she was upset, although she never said that. In the end, they were able to work it out and remain a couple on Bachelor in Paradise. Aaron ended by saying they were still trying to learn about each other, which was part of the growing process. However, at some point, these little fights will start adding up.

3. Love in the Streets

Lost in the shuffle of this argument was the fact that Tyler got the next date card and, of course, asked Brittnay out. She accepted graciously, and the two finally got their big moment. They went to a candlelit dinner in town and got to have an important conversation about what happens after Bachelor in Paradise ends.

Brittany could see a future with Tyler and felt like she was a kid again, falling in love for the first time. She revealed in her interview that she was falling in love with Tyler. The two danced in the street before having a very romantic kiss under the stars. Things are looking up for this couple.

4. Queens of the Ball

The beach was starting to turn around as the energy had been restored. More Bachelor royalty entered the beach in Becca and Thomas. They revealed that they were recently engaged, but Becca popped the question to Thomas. He accepted, and it was happily ever after.

They met the cast and crew of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 before revealing that they were here for a special night on the beach. They were here to kick off the first annual Sadie Hawkins in Paradise dance! The women would have to ask the men to do the big dance to cap off their time on the beach.

As the women planned what they would do, some great ideas came instantly to some. Genevieve had a mariachi band serenade Aaron, and he accepted. Brittany hid in a ball pick and then surprised Tyler with a poem, who accepted her invitation. Serene asked Brandon over a bowl of ice cream and mangos, to which he accepted. Victoria pulled out her checklist for Johnny, and he filled all the boxes by accepting her invitation.

Kate and Logan had a long discussion before agreeing to go to the dance together, and they seemed to move past all the uncertainty and dark cloud that hung over their relationship. The twins were asked by Florence and Shanae, to which they accepted.

At the dance, the vibes were high with music, caricature drawings, fortune telling, and photo booths. Couples were soaking it all in, knowing that the end was near and engagements were on the horizon. Serene and Brandon were the first to break off and have a talk. They both agreed they were ready for engagements and were looking forward to it. Danielle and Michael talked next, and while they may not be quite as ready, they are ready for the next step in their relationship.

5. The Beat Drops

As the vibes rose, Jessenia thought it was time to clear the air with Andrew. Despite his and Ency’s vibing, Jessenia asked Andrew if she could talk to him. Being the gentleman he is, he said yes, and the two walked away. Before this conversation, Andrew and Ency went to the fortune teller, and their first card revealed was death, indicating there were struggles on the horizon for this couple.

Jessenia started in with Andrew, saying he was falling into a pattern of being unable to push it far enough in his relationships. First, it was Teddi, Brittany, Jessenia, and now Ency. She said he couldn’t make a serious decision and was skirting with Bachelor in Paradise. She went on to say that it felt like he was on a boy’s trip and that anytime they talked about something serious, he would leave her.

He said he needed to be with the guys to cope and get through Paradise sometimes and that it wasn’t fair to say that. Jessenia said that she put all her time and effort into Andrew, and he didn’t return the favor. Ency tried to break up this conversation not once but twice. After the second visit, she gave Andrew the ultimatum that he either left now with her or it was over between them. Little did she know the conversation between Andrew and Jessenia was not going well, and her ultimatum may have pushed Andrew over the edge.

Jessenia said that even after their conversation, she still didn’t know where his head was. He finally broke down and said that his heart was in a different place. When Jessenia pushed him he said, Teddi. Since they broke up he has not been able to feel the same way with another woman but is trying to find love still. He felt he was being honest the entire time, and Jessenia thought the same about herself. Then she said she was leaving Paradise, and honestly, Andrew might not be too far behind her.

After their conversation, Andrew sought out Ency to clear the air. She was looking for Andrew to give her an idea of what was happening before leaving, but he didn’t. Ency said he was a floating magnet and just gravitated towards who needed him the most. As she started to say she tried to pull him away, he said that his heart was partially in another place, still with Teddi. He said he couldn’t be in Paradise anymore as Ency begged him to stay.

Eventually, he pried away from Ency and made his way toward the exit. Andrew said some brief goodbyes before committing to leaving. Ency said she would also leave and proceeded to cry in the bathroom. As Andrew was leaving in the car, he said that the bar was set so high with Teddi and his heart was still with her whether she knew it or not. Knowing his heart wasn’t in it, he couldn’t continue being there. Ency left in the next vehicle noting that although they wouldn’t have been engaged, she would have liked to have left with Andrew to explore the relationship. Three people were upset and went home after one dance. Man, this did feel like high school.

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Missed last night’s episode? Check out the article above to see all the drama you missed from Monday night. What do we think about Genevieve and Aaron continue to argue? Did Rachel and Gabby bring up anything that Kate will listen to? What about Andrew and the heartbreak that he is still reeling from? Will he find love or maybe get back with Teddi? 

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