Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 13 recap: Better Late than Never

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Ò812Ó Ð After returning from her date with Hayden, Kate weighs her options with Logan and decides which relationship to pursue. During the cocktail party, Aaron and Genevieve take the next step in their relationship; and, despite Eliza growing closer to Justin, Rodney is determined to win her back before the rose ceremony. The next morning, Eliza is full of regret and makes a risky move to follow her heart, but will it pay off? Find out on the next episode of ÒBachelor in Paradise,'' MONDAY, NOV. 7 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)ANDREW SPENCER, JESSENIA CRUZ
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Ò812Ó Ð After returning from her date with Hayden, Kate weighs her options with Logan and decides which relationship to pursue. During the cocktail party, Aaron and Genevieve take the next step in their relationship; and, despite Eliza growing closer to Justin, Rodney is determined to win her back before the rose ceremony. The next morning, Eliza is full of regret and makes a risky move to follow her heart, but will it pay off? Find out on the next episode of ÒBachelor in Paradise,'' MONDAY, NOV. 7 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)ANDREW SPENCER, JESSENIA CRUZ /

Four episodes left, Bachelor Nation! As Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 winds down, it won’t be short on twists and turns. Recently the Young twins hit the beach, mixing things up with Shanae and Florence. Rodney’s recent departure has left the beach in shambles but maybe another arrival or two with brighten things up.

On the flip side, we also can expect to see how Eliza’s reunion with Justin went after she left Paradise for him. Time is running out for people to build connections, with only four episodes left. New arrivals could shake things up. Will they have time to make it work? Let’s find out what happened in episode 13!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 13 recap

1. Somber Beach

Everyone woke up a little shaken after Rodney’s and Eliza’s dramatic exit the day prior. After the beach was riding high on love, their decision left much thinking about their relationship and commitments after the show. It’s all fun and games until real feelings are involved, and this finally sets in for the beach. This may not be the last couple to break down as reality slowly starts to set in.

Brandon and Serene shared a special moment in this solace, finding that their love has grown deeper through every trial the beach has thrown at them. Brandon wanted Rodney to find his Serene and believed he would one day. Serene and Brandon seem to be bust-proof at this point if anything is ever that safe on Bachelor in Paradise.

Eliza went to Baltimore to track down Justin, and he was met with much surprise when he saw her standing at his doorstep. This was a lot to process. Eliza recounted what happened at the beach after Justin left and how everything broke down with Rodney. She mentioned how she told Rodney he deserved someone who would choose him first and run to him. Justin threw this back at Eliza because she chose Rodney for the rose ceremony.

Justin said that just like it was Eliza’s time to chase what she wanted, it was also his time to do the same. After traveling from Mexico to Maryland, Justin essentially told Eliza he needed to follow his heart which unfortunately wasn’t her. Despite flying across the country for a man she met three days ago, Eliza left Maryland not any closer to finding the love of her life.

2. Saucy Beach

As the cast of Bachelor in Paradise was looking for a boost, in walked Mara from Clayton’s season of the Bachelor. She made her way down the stairs, date card in hand, and was hoping to have a warm reception. However, this couldn’t have been farther from the truth. She pulled Andrew first, who noted he was in a relationship but wasn’t as far along as others were. They didn’t quite hit it off with the vibe on the beach just not being there.

Next, she pulled Logan and asked him what he would do if she asked him on the date. He said that he and Kate were pretty far along, and he had been in enough love triangles. In the end, he said he wouldn’t accept. She pulled Johnny next…big mistake. He is in a very deep relationship with Victoria. Justin was the next victim I mean, man, she pulled. Although Florence was hoping she’d pick the other twin.

This would be an odd pairing with Mara at 33 and Justin in his early 20s (24). She even noted that, while she didn’t want to know his age, she was at least a decade older than him. She wasn’t too far off. She returned to the group and asked Justin out on the date. He accepted much to the detest of Florence.

3. Sweet Beach

Mara and Justin went on an interesting date, becoming human churros. Yeah, you read that right. The two poured butter, sugar, chocolate, and cinnamon on each other. The two shared a kiss covered in all the toppings of a Mexican delicacy.

Back on the beach, Victoria and Johnny are starting to get more serious as Victoria notes they need to start having serious conversations as time is running out. The two started by talking about their families and how they were excited for the other to meet them. Johnny revealed that a lot is going on with his family since his little brother was sent to prison.

The two grew from this conversation and could realistically picture a life outside of Bachelor in Paradise together. Knowing what we know now about Victoria and Greg Grippo, the Bachelorette Season 17, being together after the show makes this moment less heartfelt. It will be interesting when this is brought up at the reunion show to see how quickly the two grew apart since Victoria and Greg were spotted together in Italy a few episodes ago. Nevertheless, this was a sweet moment for the young couple that, at this point, sees a future together.

4. Uncertain Beach

Logan and Michael had a conversation about what Kate said to Logan at the rose ceremony about how he needed to step it up because she needed more. Kate quickly pointed out that Logan doesn’t have the wow factor or, more importantly, the ability to wow her with things. She noted that he is not established, drives an orange Honda, has a broken phone, and walks dogs. That apparently is not someone that can provide for her material needs.

The two went off to a private cabana on Bachelor in Paradise to have a tough conversation. Logan started in about how her comments at the rose ceremony hurt his feelings and how that made him feel. She said that their recent success and growth have been because she has steered the ship and taken the lead, but she doesn’t want to do that all the time. Logan said this wasn’t true because he had made outward gestures and said things in front of the group to let everyone know how he felt about her. She refuted this and said that it didn’t carry much weight for her.

Kate brought up their conversation before she accepted Hayden’s date request. She said she told Hayden that she had to talk to Logan first, and he apparently didn’t give her the right answer, so she went on the date. Logan told her how his conversation went with Mara and that he was looking for a similar answer from her but never got it. They kissed and made up, but it felt like none of their issues were resolved. They kissed and moved on. Logan noted there are still some pent-up emotions and feelings between the two.

5. Cougar Beach

Florence, 32, and Mara, 33, fight over Justin, 24. After their successful one-on-one date, Justin and Mara spent a lot of time together on the beach. However, just a few days ago, Justin and Florence were spending this time together on Bachelor in Paradise. Both of these relationships have been short-lived, as they are still exploring their options.

Florence was ready to pack her bags when Justin went to pull her. The two went to a cabana to talk about where they were at in their relationship. He revealed to Florence that while he had fun on the date, he felt a stronger connection to her and wanted to explore things with her over Mara. Mara then found the two and asked to speak to Justin. Flo accepted, and the two went off. Justin revealed that he has stronger feelings for Flo and wants to pursue that relationship more.

Mara walked away from the conversation, upset, knowing that the options on the beach were thin right now. Unless the beach provides another miracle, Mara will likely be sent home after the next rose ceremony since the men have the roses. As the women of the beach try to console her, Florence wraps her paws around Justin tightly, not letting go.

6. New Beach

While the beach didn’t change, a new arrival did. As Andrew was in a funk on the beach after reset vents in walked Ency, who was on Clayton’s season of the Bachelor. She walked in, and the beach had a little bit more energy than they did with Mara. She pulled Andrew immediately, and their conversation seemed to go well as they each had their eye on each other before this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Andrew knew a lot about her, and the two seemed to hit it off.

As this conversation was taking off, another new woman hit the beach. Lyndsey, another woman from Clayton’s season of the Bachelor, entered the beach and asked Logan to talk. Right before that, Kate said that they needed to watch out for the women stealing their men. The two talked for a bit, and Logan said that he and Kate were talking and things were going well. Despite Lyndsey and Kate being friends, she was not afraid to ask him on the date. He said he would need to chat with Kate first.

After the big reveal, Ency and Lyndsey read their date cards and asked their men. Ency asked Andrew, and he accepted immediately without a second thought or conversation with Jessenia. Lyndsey asked Logan, and he said he needed to talk to Kate first. When Logan asked if they could talk, all Kate said was let’s. In her interview, she was extremely upset, saying she was spiraling and had whiplash. This conversation may be the spark that lights the fuse on the tension bomb between these two.

Many guys, including Johnny, would like to see Logan explore other relationships during this rocky point with Kate. The two didn’t have the best conversation as he brought up how critical she had been of him lately and how she recently went on a date with Hayden. Kate said that was eons ago, and she has been different since then. However, it was not that long ago. Kate ended by saying she didn’t want him to go.

The couple returned to the group, and Logan asked to talk to Lyndsey. He told her that he couldn’t go on a date. Although deep down he wanted to, it wasn’t the right time for him and Lyndsey. After being rejected, Lyndsey decided to leave the show, knowing it was too late to find a connection. Later in the day, Johnny and Logan were having a conversation, and Johnny started to point out some flaws in Kate’s game.

Just as they were getting into the juicy part and Logan was starting to draw the connections, Kate interrupted them. Johnny was pointing out how Kate controls him and quickly twisting her words and actions against him. Logan has a lot to think about in the coming days.

7. Date Beach

What was supposed to be a double date turned out to be a one-on-one date with Ency and Andrew. Andrew and Ency left for their date, much to his detest of Jessenia. She wished that Andrew had had a similar conversation that Logan had with Kate before he agreed to go on a date. Nevertheless, he went, and the two had a day of trying new food and playing games on the beach.

They bonded over eating oysters and joking with each other. They seemed good together and capped off their date with a trip to the pool and a makeout session in the water. Despite having fun, Andrew knew there were difficult discussions ahead when he returned to the beach on Bachelor in Paradise. He wanted to talk with Jessenia but felt they might be in two different places.

They returned from the date, and Andrew decided he needed to pursue Ency. He pulled Jessenia aside to have this difficult talk. Jessenia felt that Andrew didn’t allow her to be there for him during his funk. She noted she was in her feelings and felt she might have had deeper feelings for him than he had for her. He said that it was nothing against her, but he needed to pursue Ency for him.

Jessenia could hold it in until she returned to her room, where the tears started to flow. She thought they were on the same page and felt safe with Andrew. It was devastating to hear that he wasn’t on the same page as her. She said she needed to go home since nobody had left for her in Paradise.

Gabby and Rachel hit the beach when things couldn’t get better or worse. There are three guys from their season, Logan, Johnny, and Tyler, and several women who were with them on Clayton’s season of the Bachelor. Logan jumped between both of the ladies during their season of the Bachelorette. Tyler made it to hometown dates with Rachel before she called it off. Johnny made it past hometowns to almost fantasy suites with Gabby before they broke it off. These ladies have a lot they can talk about on the beach.

Next. Gabby Windey and Erich Schwer split after less than two months. dark

Although Gabby was engaged when she was on the beach, she does not have the ring anymore, as she and Erich have officially called it quits. Check out all the details from the split above. What do you think about the new additions to Bachelor in Paradise? Do you think it is too late to build a relationship? 

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