Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 11 recap: Ebb and flow of love


A lot is going on right now on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Some couples are staying strong while others are being tested. Justin returned to the beach and stole Eliza from Rodney. Rumor has it more guys are making their way to the beach as well.

Will Justin finally find love on the beach? How will everyone else react to Justin getting back on the beach? Will the new men push relationships to the edge? Let’s find out what happened in Episode 11!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 11 recap

1. Paradise High

This episode of Bachelor in Paradise began with the beach crew discussing what roles everyone would be in if they were in Paradise High School. As superlatives were being handed out, they couldn’t find a match for the bad boy roaming the halls. In walks Hayden.

We all know Hayden from Rachel’s and Gabby’s season of the Bachelorette and it did not go well. After leaving the show for Rambo and his terrible, unnecessary comments about the women, he hoped to come to Paradise to find true love. As he introduced himself to the group many of the men from his season immediately went on edge. Having witnessed firsthand how he acted they were not happy to see him and let others know his reputation as well.

Arriving on the beach Hayden had a date card in hand and after talking to Shanae and Kate he decided to ask Kate on his date. She accepted and then wanted to talk with Logan. While Kate was looking for Logan to fight for her, Logan was looking for the same thing in return. Kate wanted Logan to tell her not to go on the date.

On the other hand, Logan wanted Kate to decline the date showing that she was all in on Logan. Instead, Logan told her to go on a date since he has gotten to go on several dates, and he wanted her to get the most out of this experience. Seems like neither person go what they wanted but Kate went on the date regardless.

2. Zipping into Love

Hayden and Kate went ziplining over the jungle for their date on Bachelor in Paradise. Hayden was a little apprehensive about the experience, but Kate lived it up. While Hayden was screaming with fear Kate was screaming with joy. It’ll be interesting to see how the two connect after ziplining.

The two tried to bond over a bottle of wine in the safety of the land. Hayden got into his Rambo story noting that he dropped six digits on his dog so it could live for maybe two more years. While this is a great story I think it portrayed the wrong message to Kate. She started to believe his priorities were not aligned, and then he made things worse by talking about how he degraded Gabby. He pushed it further by saying that he didn’t believe Rachel and Gabby were on the show for the right reasons. Kate was starting to regret her decision and growing an even stronger connection and attraction to Logan.

3. Another love triangle

Eliza and Justin returned from their date and spent much time together the next morning. This was heartbreaking to Rodney who pictured Eliza as his future wife. Justin and Eliza seemed comfortable with each other and he asked what he could do to help with her anxiety. She said space and just continued support. Justin said he wanted to show her love and affection instead of just telling her. Seems like Eliza may flip.

Justin talked to Andrew and Michael about his date and revealed they kissed under the fireworks. Andrew had a very mixed and visible reaction to this news. They are in a tough situation because both Rodney and Justin are/were friends, and the other guys like both of them. While they want to see everyone succeed and find the love they hate seeing relationships breaking.

Justin did the right thing and sought out Rodney to have a conversation. He accepted respectfully and it seemed these two would have a good, constructive conversation about their feelings toward Eliza. Rodney revealed that Eliza was the only person he wanted, and it was bittersweet seeing Justin come down and pull Eliza. Justin echoed his sentiments and said that he was only here for Eliza. Justin tried to apologize but Rodney said the damage had already been done and they are past that now.

In an interview, Rodney said that he should have been more selfish and fought for her harder, but he was honestly just trying to be nice. There shouldn’t be many faults in that, but Eliza was looking for a more assertive response from Rodney. He found her and the two went off to chat.

4. A rose between two friends

Rodney started the talk by saying he isn’t looking for anyone else and wanted to be with Eliza. In hindsight, Rodney thought that Eliza’s decision was already made up when she talked to him before the date. She revealed that it wasn’t and that she wouldn’t have gone if he asked her not to.

Rodney said again that he was only there for Eliza and would do anything to keep her in his life. He wanted her to give him some actions to improve and show her that he is only there for her. Eliza said that she shouldn’t have to tell him what to do and couldn’t come up with something new. He asked if she thought about him on the date, and she said yes and that he was the main topic of conversation.

Rodney wanted to take things back to where they were, and Eliza said she hoped they could, but now she is more guarded. They will have to rebuild a lot to get back to where they were pre-Justin, but it will take some work. Rodney vowed to fight for her and do whatever it takes to win her back. Then Eliza ran back to Justin, and the two started kissing while Rodney and Eliza just hugged.

Genevieve had some thoughts on this triangle and couldn’t imagine why Eliza would be with Justin when Rodney is the better man. Hopefully, this is a new, different is better kind of situation and Rodney wins out in the end. He truly deserves it.

5. Double Trouble

The twins from Rachel and Gabby’s season of the Bachelorette were the latest additions to Bachelor in Paradise. The twins arrived with a double-date card, and everyone seemed excited. After their short time on the Bachelorette, they hoped to find love on the beach and maybe increase their screen time on the franchise.

They pulled Brittany and Genevieve first and then later Jessenia. It’s a rough spot to try to find a woman now that everyone is paired up. They would have to really wow someone to get them to go on a date. Then the other twin pulled Genevieve, and the one that already spoke to Genevieve pulled Florence.

Aaron immediately started in with the jokes about the twins and how their mom dressed them and that they shared the same first girlfriend. Joey then pulled Shanae. I think we are starting to tell them apart. Shanae revealed that she was single and would be open to exploring new relationships. Ultimately, they chose Florence and Shanae to go on the double date.

6. Cantina Games

This data was one of the most interesting ones of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Wells orchestrated a double date involving lots of alcohol and lots of games. They started with body shots, and things started to get more interesting from there.

Next, they spun the wheel of fun and had to do an action, including licking someone’s armpit and kissing. Later they wrapped each other up in taco ingredients and a shell leading Shanae and Joey to be named the king and queen of the cantina games.

They capped off the date with private conversations that ended in long kisses for both of the twins.

7. Bro time with Aaron

Back on the beach things were getting interesting as Genevieve wanted to get deeper with Aaron while he seemed more interested in getting deeper with the bros. As she tried to find time to talk to Aaron about this, he unintentionally kept finding a way to spend more time with the guys. This eventually came to a head in front of everyone in the large cabana. Their conversation turned into an argument that made the situation awkward.

The couples started to leave to give Aaron and Genevieve space to talk as their conversation turned almost into an argument. They weren’t seeing eye to eye and eventually, they agreed to disagree and walked away from each other.

As the women and men tried to console the couple, Genevieve couldn’t contain herself and stormed off after talking to Victoria. She went as far as to lock herself in the room and wouldn’t let Victoria in as she started to pack her bags. As Victoria pushed to get Genevieve to talk to her, Genevieve revealed that she was falling in love with Aaron but hadn’t told him yet.

Genevieve decided to try to talk to Aaron before she finally left, but when she went to talk to him, he said that maybe it wasn’t the right time for him to talk and that there were two people in a relationship. He said that everything up to this point had been on her terms, and he didn’t feel like she was considering his feelings.

She did not respond to this well and immediately went to gather her already-packed bags and leave Paradise. Eliza and Victoria chased after her as the rest of the crew tried to encourage Aaron to go after her. He then got up and tried to seek her out before she left the beach for good.

He eventually caught up to her, and the two restarted the argument. They both felt unnoticed and that the other wasn’t recognizing their feelings. While they are arguing, Victoria and Eliza are listening in from a distance, and Eliza brings up a good point about couples arguing. She said couples only argue like this if they truly care about each other. Aaron said that he wishes Genevieve the best in life but does not want to sacrifice his happiness over this.

Genevieve revealed to him that she was falling in love with him, and this took him back a little. He said there are strong feelings, and she has gotten close to him. He said that he was falling in love with her as well and that he didn’t want her to leave and that he would feel much better if he stayed. In the end, the argument did end in love, as Eliza pointed out. The two had a real argument and a real moment that proved their relationship could withstand a lot.

They rejoined the beach now deeper in love than they were before. You could see that their relationship has hit a different, more positive point note. The beach seemed to be in better spirits now, and all eyes were on the couple. Many believed they could see a life outside Bachelor in Paradise for Genevieve and Aaron.

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The Bachelor in Paradise teasers showed a shocking twist that shook up the beach and left almost everyone in tears. If you missed Monday’s episode, check out the article above to find out what led to the moments in this episode. What do you think of Aaron and Genevieve? Do we think Hayden will last on the show? 

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