Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 9 recap: Reunited at Last

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Ò806Ó Ð The tropical heat is on as 12 men find themselves vying for only seven roses. While some beachy bros do everything they can to woo the women whoÕve caught their eye, others may not make it to the rose ceremony at all; and one will find an unexpected spark in a new arrival. Once the sand has settled and the newly formed couples are feeling their love bloom, Jesse Palmer arrives to drop a bombshell announcement that divides the beach like never before. Will these connections be able to weather the storm? Find out on ÒBachelor In Paradise,Ó MONDAY, OCT. 17 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)JESSE PALMER
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Ò806Ó Ð The tropical heat is on as 12 men find themselves vying for only seven roses. While some beachy bros do everything they can to woo the women whoÕve caught their eye, others may not make it to the rose ceremony at all; and one will find an unexpected spark in a new arrival. Once the sand has settled and the newly formed couples are feeling their love bloom, Jesse Palmer arrives to drop a bombshell announcement that divides the beach like never before. Will these connections be able to weather the storm? Find out on ÒBachelor In Paradise,Ó MONDAY, OCT. 17 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)JESSE PALMER /

Split-week has come to an end on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, so at last, the couples are reunited. This comes with all the positives and negatives that have occurred since the OG women left the beach. Will they return to the same men they left or find that they have already moved on?

Rodney (after already dealing with Lace), Logan, and Jacob seems to have moved on from their previous connections, although Jacob is now left without a woman. On the flip side, the OG women have had a chance to build connections with five new men, but they seemed to be keeping to themselves.  Victoria seems interested in Alex, while Britany has an interest in Tyler and potentially Adam.

How will everyone react when everyone is reunited? Who will stick around after Split Week? Let’s find out what happened in episode 9!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 9 recap

1. Reunited at last

This episode began with a recap of both situations on Bachelor in Paradise. The beach crew is finally settling in with the new women, building connections, and finally getting their intro videos. At the hotel, the OG women are anxious to get back to the beach to clear the air about the split. Jesse revealed to them that they could return to the beach now but cautioned them that they were returning to an entirely different beach. How much of that is true is yet to be seen.

The first group back to the beach was Jill, Shanae, and Genevieve. As the women enter the beach, this group has tough conversations. Jacob has admitted that Jill isn’t the right person for him as he has explored a very intimate relationship with Kate (who is now with Logan) and has some interest in either Sarah or Florence. Logan has moved on from Shanae to Kate and is solid in this relationship. Now he just has to break the news to Shanae without her going nuclear. Good luck, buddy.

Aaron immediately ran up to Genevieve and wanted to talk with him about what had happened while they were gone. He has kept his nose clean since she left, but that doesn’t mean he is still into Genevieve. He said that while many guys explored relationships, he didn’t go on any dates, kiss anybody else, or even entertain the thought of finding someone new. He only thought about her and couldn’t wait to see her.

Genevieve immediately broke down out of joy that he stayed true to her. She has been in her head since going to the hotel but was overwhelmed to hear they are still together after the split. The other guys reaffirmed his sentiments, saying he stayed true to her and never sought out another woman. Hope is restored on the beach once again until Logan tells Shanae it’s over.

2. A storm brewing

What’s interesting about this couple is that they have been exploring other relationships while with one another. However, this doesn’t stop it from being one of the most dramatic breakups on the beach. While Shanae was with Logan, she also went on a date with James and kissed him. In the end, she chose Logan. After the split, Logan, unwilling at first, took the opportunity to go on a date with Sarah but eventually found his person in Kate (who, before that, was in a very intimate relationship with Jacob).

At the hotel, Shanae (who has had the most dates of a woman on this Bachelor in Paradise) went on a date with Tyler and seemed to have a connection there. So much so that she was willing to take it to the boom-boom room. Thank you, Jill, for stopping that. Before talking with Logan, she said that she knew he waited for her, and even though they explored other relationships, he is still her person. She rejoiced that she knew he was waiting back at the beach for her.

As they walked away to have a private conversation, the beach started buzzing, but not on the positive side. Shanae started the conversation by saying she missed him, and after being away from him for that long, she realized that Logan was her person. She went on to say that she felt secure and seen by him and knew that he was always looking for her.

Logan replied by saying he went on two dates, one with Sarah, whom he thought was nice but didn’t have a connection with. Then he said he still wanted the best for Shanae, but he found someone who makes him feel seen and heard. He revealed it was Kate and that he had formed something serious with her. He said that he explored this relationship because Shanae explored other relationships with James and even made out with him while “with” Logan. He brought up the conversation when he asked her how she was feeling, and she replied it’s hard juggling two men.

Shanae said that there was nothing else to discuss and walked off. Almost simultaneously, Kate walked up. She and Logan walked away, both sides feeling like they had done nothing wrong. The beach cheered as Logan and Kate kissed not that far away from Shanae. She talked to Genevieve, who recommended talking to Logan again to explain her feelings.

3. Shanae-do

Many women from Clayton’s season of The Bachelor on Bachelor in Paradise find it hard to believe Shanae has changed. While the OG cast of the beach is telling them, she has, her blowup with Logan isn’t going to help the situation. Shanae confronted Logan again as Kate watched on laughing. She is upset that Logan kissed Kate right in front of him and the fact that he didn’t bring up his concerns before this moment.

He said he tried, but she wasn’t hearing him, so he was willing to move on. She started to rant about him again kissing Kate right in front of her, and Logan said maybe this was why she turned him off. Kate wanted to clear the air with Shanae, knowing that there would always be tension if they both stuck around the beach. Kate started about how Shanae hadn’t changed and said she hadn’t changed. Shanae walked away from Kate, and Kate somewhat unnecessarily just egged on the argument, but Shanae fed into it.

The tension was not resolved, and the conversation did not go how they wanted it to. Worse is on the horizon. Aaron had some interesting things to say about Shanae in his interview about how he wanted to see her leave the beach and that she has some personality issues.

4. The second storm brewing

Now for the next difficult conversation on Bachelor in Paradise post-split-week, Jill and Jacob. Jill ran up to Jacob, hoping their relationship was still intact. After asking a few questions of Jill about her time in the hotel with the new men, Jacob talked about his time since she left. He talked about pursuing and kissing Kate, only for her to find someone else. Although he had a connection with Jill pursuing, Kate made him realize Jill just isn’t the person for him.

Jill held it together for their conversation and ended by saying she thought she knew how he felt and then said she had to go. Before that, she told him that she never left her room and didn’t entertain talking to other guys because she felt safe and secure in Jacob. Unfortunately, he didn’t return the favor. She elected to leave the show saying goodbye to everyone before making her exit. Serene also returned at some point because she was there to say goodbye to Jill.

She left the beach promptly, not wanting to start over with someone new after waiting this long for Jacob. They were in two different places in their relationship, and Jill was upset over the breakup and the fact that she missed an opportunity to build connections with other men in the hotel. As she was leaving, she had conversed with herself in reflection, contemplating why she was crying over a Lift driver who sold his couch for cash. It looks like this storm has come and gone without too much damage outside the two involved.

5. Late Arrivals

As the new men prepare to hit the beach, Brittany returns to clear the air with Andrew. She immediately looked for him and found him asking to have a conversation. Jessenia watched on nervously as these two had a conversation. This breakup was the first to go well post-Split Week. Both sides pursued different relationships and mutually agreed that to get the most out of Bachelor in Paradise, they needed to split to pour all their energy into different people.

Serene and Victoria hit the beach and immediately ran to their men, who ran to them with open arms. Brandon and Johnny have been faithful to their women during this process, and Split Week has shown that they love each other more. Brandon and Serene confirmed that they are, in fact, in love with each other and never want to be apart again. Johnny and Victoria got caught up on the week apart as well.

Victoria recapped her thoughts and feelings since being pulled from the beach. She talked about how she originally stayed away from the men and didn’t want anything to do with them since she still had feelings for Johnny. Then she met Alex and revealed she had gone on a date with him. She went on to say that he met many of her requirements, and Johnny started to get nervous and upset.

Her concerns with Johnny were his age and being at the same place in life. Victoria is older and wants to start a family, but she doesn’t know if Johnny feels the same way. Alex lined up more with her in these regards and seemed ready to take the next step in life. Johnny felt they were in a good spot and tried to keep these thoughts out of his head, but it happened. Johnny walked away from the conversation, not wanting to be someone’s second option, and wanted to be with someone who was all in for him. Also, Victoria still wouldn’t divulge her “checklist.”

Johnny was talking with Logan, later recapping their conversation, and Victoria asked to speak with him again. Johnny said he didn’t want to compete and was removed from Victoria’s list. He pointed that out to her and asked what he was missing and what he didn’t cover on her list. From the start, Victoria said that Johnny isn’t ready to get proposed to, which is why he left Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette. Victoria started asking about what he wanted to get out of this experience if he was ready to have children, and what his career goals were.

Johnny was non-commital on these questions, saying he is passionate and motivated but doesn’t want to live up to her standards. He ended the conversation by saying that he doesn’t want to compete and that if they aren’t going to work, he’ll leave the show. Victoria has some tough decisions with Alex and the rest of the new guys en route to the beach.

6. Look what the tide brought in

The remaining Bachelor in Paradise men from the hotel arrived at the beach, and Victoria immediately shouted Alex’s name. She was not looking good for Johnny. Tyler found Brittany and hoped all was well after Brittany had her conversation with Andrew. They talked about the conversation, and Brittany told him the split was mutual and they were all in on pursuing each other. Their conversation ended with a long kiss. All was going well until Jessenia stole Tyler away from Brittany. Jessenia connected with Andrew breaking up Brittany and Andrew. Oh boy…there’s a lot there to unpack.

Jessenia even revealed to Tyler that she was connected to Andrew and the complicated love story they are now all entangled in. It seems there is some beef between the OG women and the new women now that everyone is back together. There may also be a riff between the new men and OG men, at least with Alex and Johnny. Johnny said he could see them butting heads in the future.

After Johnny and Victoria were sorted off standoffish, Alex pulled Victoria to talk with her. They started to have a good conversation with Victoria, saying that they had conversations that Johnny and Victoria haven’t yet. The children and marriage aspect seemed to be the hang-up for Jonny, who was trying to talk through things with Tyler. Alex said he wanted to kiss Victoria on their date but didn’t until she was ready out of respect for her. The more she talked to both men, the more she realized someone would get hurt in the end. Trouble is brewing on Bachelor in Paradise.

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